The world looks like it is falling apart, but you can have peace within yourself regardless. For centuries and at various times in the past the world has been falling apart. The only fear and suffering about the dissolving of the world, however, is experienced in the ego. If we think that we only exist on this physical plain and that all existence is over when our social systems fail, we will always experience pain and discomfort. When we wake up, however, and realize that we are greater than the world; we are more than little chemical reactions taking place within a boy, we won't fear pain or death. We will realize that we are eternal beings.

It seems, sometimes, that we have forgotten ourselves. We have been living in the time/space continuum created by our own minds so long we think it is real. It is as if we entered a grand play to enjoy ourselves and then have forgotten who we were. We have taken on the roles of the actors so completely that we cling to the fears of the past, or we project those fears into the future, never really living in the moment—in the now—in the bliss, in other words. The ego lives in past and future. It can never live in the now because it cannot process the now. Now is an experience. The ego only lives in the world of signifiers naming things, counting things, comparing everything in a dualistic way. Sometimes we wonder how we can break free of our fear, anger and addictions. It is by doing what the ego cannot do. When we live in the present fully we quite the ego. Soon the ego, a whirling votex of previous thoughts, images and fantasies begins to stop and become still and out of its center, like a phoneix rising, comes the purified soul. This is the true self that is beyond linear time.

The true self feels no fear; it feels no pain or sorrow because the true self is the one who is untouched by the dream. The true self is the creator of the dream When we realize this and we identify with the true self instead of the created artificial self we are free from the affects of the dream and are allowed to live in the play—the dance of God. This is not a difficult task. It only involves meditating—sitting still and listening to the breath. Slowing the breath down so slow that we can no longer hear it, and then listening to the silence. That is all that is necessary. That is why it is good to find a teacher, or someon who has walked the path before. It is good, but not totally necessary, because the universe will become our teacher, if none is available.

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Om Prakash (John Gilmore) is a spiritual director and healer, he is a social and racial justice advocate as well as a practitioner of Sat Yoga, Tai-Chi, Chi-kung and many forms of meditative martial arts. To learn more about Om Prakash and his free practical spirituality journal, and his Healing Circle in Philadelphia, PA. Please visit our website at