One of my favorite movies is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In the movie, Henry Jones Sr., Indiana's father, is a Holy Grail scholar and has been keeping a notebook with clues about the location of the Grail. The Nazis and an unsavory collector want to capture the Holy Grail because of its promise of immortality and invincibility.

The elder Jones Sr. is captured, and his notebook taken by the Nazis. Indiana rescues his father, and they race to prevent the collector and the Nazis from seizing the Grail. But the Jones' arrive at the Grail crypt to a floor littered with heads of soldiers unsuccessful in negotiating the first of three booby traps protecting the Grail. The collector mortally wounds Professor Jones Sr., compelling Indiana to brave the booby traps to save his father's life.

These booby traps are designed to kill and are like the obstacles that thwart, limit, and threaten our dreams on the path of success.

Indiana, with his father's notebook, solves the clues and survives the first two booby traps. He keeps his head encountering the breath of God. He doesn't collapse through the stone floor when spelling out the secret name of God. Then, Indiana comes to the most difficult booby trap of all: he faces an impossibly cavernous, wide, and dark chasm - the path of God. Indiana realizes he can not jump across the chasm. To do so means certain failure and death. None of his physical resources are up to the task. And like Indiana, some of the obstacles we face are beyond our logic and normal abilities.

If Indiana does not determine how to cross the chasm his father will die. If we do not determine how to overcome these obstacles, our dreams will die.

So what does Indiana do? What are we to do? Indiana takes a deep breath; he closes his eyes, places his hands over his heart, and stretches his left leg and foot out over the chasm. And what happens when Indiana does this? A bridge materializes out of nowhere; the bridge to the Grail and one step closer to saving his father.

Likewise, when we take a leap of faith, our bridge appears: imaginative and intuitive solutions to obstacles.

We, like Indiana Jones, suspend belief in what our eyes see. We place our bravery and faith in what Joseph Cambpell describes as "a thousand unseen hands" that help us survive and overcome the booby traps. By believing in the divine within us and in our dreams, we manifest the bridge to our highest calling. A way is made out of no way. The bridge is now here, and we continue advancing on the path of success!

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Dr. Lori Linell-Hall ( is an Executive Physician Career and Life Coach working to help you answer the "Call" to be all you are meant to be. She works to promote satisfaction, joy, and success while decreasing stress, promoting work-life resilience, and preventing burnout.