“I’m ambitious enough to want to live the life of my dreams. And the life of my dreams is a laid-back, relaxed life.” - Marc Allen

‘Your Mental Beliefs Skewed My Model of Reality….’

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you strive to make your actions congruent with your beliefs. Rather, you don’t strive; you naturally want to act in ways that make sense to you. You do things for a reason. Now, whether the reason is articulated to yourself or reasonable to your logic and intuition is another topic.

Whatever you believe becomes true in your experience.

Your beliefs are the thoughts that you continue to think, whether or not you have reason to entertain them. I hope you have a reason for getting up at the time you get up in the morning, and for eating what you eat. Do you? Maybe you don't need a reason, if what you do works for you. But if your habits aren't working for you, what are you going to do about it? Do you know what you want? Another word for ‘having a reason’ is Intention.

Your beliefs inform your mental model of reality. Do all your beliefs make sense when viewed alone? Perhaps. Do your beliefs get along nicely when they play together, or are there some disharmonies between the belief members that might cause some unexpected paralyzing behaviours within the system (you) when taken as a whole? If you have some conflicting beliefs, which are simply thoughts that contradict each other, then… change ‘em.

You’re effective when you are lined up with yourself. Step up to the plate. Become a fully functioning human being.

So, take a look at what thoughts you really believe, deep down -- by noticing what actions you take throughout the day. Then drop beliefs that unnecessarily limit your options. Get out of your own way!

Reclaim your brain. How do you brainwash yourself? Surround yourself with what you want to become, with the people who inspire you to be more, with music that uplifts, with ideas that stimulate growth. Create an environment around yourself that best nurtures the person you want to become. Then be that person. Now!

Author's Bio: 

I'm Sonya, an applier of processes. Makin' things happen. Living the results, choosing the causes, that sort of thing. I have a BA in Communications and Political Science (York University) somewhere in my closet. Bedefinite.com is my online notebook where I present my collection of raw self-actualization learnings, audio tapes, ideas. I hope readers USE this resource, and APPLY what works. That's the key - emulating those whom one admires, and integrating what works into one's life, making it a habit!

You are successful the moment you decide to live what you want.