Bowen is a multidimensional healing system that alleviates human pain and suffering. It was discovered and developed by the late Tom Bowen of Geelong, Australia. It is a natural health care solution that safely and gently awakens and revives the self-healing mechanisms of the body by applying the minimal amount of treatment to generate the greatest positive response. It rapidly restores a state of optimal health and healing in the body without the need for medication or surgery. Simply put, Bowen is the best-kept secret in health care today!

Bowen works by using a particular series of “activations,” a type of gentle soft tissue manipulation, over precise points on the body. The practitioner uses a specific series of activations to address the body in very particular ways to elicit specific responses. The activations that are used are determined by what area of the body needs to be released or what specific health issue needs to be addressed. The practitioner only performs activations that are in agreement with the body’s specific needs and what it can process and use that day. Each individual activation utilizes the central and autonomic nervous systems to send direct signals that stimulate the entire body to awaken, reenergize, and revive core healing mechanisms and initiate cellular level changes. Ideal organ and system functioning, optimal health, and elimination of pain are the result in nearly every case.

Bowen is consistently effective in eliminating pain and addressing a very long list of conditions and ailments ranging from tension to severe muscular and joint pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciatis, acid reflux, depression, stress, asthma, TMJ, allergies, respiratory problems, PMS, and erectile dysfunction to name just a few. Its consistency in addressing all kinds of pain and mild to severe health-related issues with a high level of success is unrivaled.

The benefits of Bowen are numerous, including elimination of tension and anxiety, improved breathing, restful sleep, calm children, increased energy, greater stamina, improved mental clarity and focus, rapid recovery from surgery, and rehabilitation from injury.

People commonly resolve 50–60 percent of their long list of ailments within the first seven days after just one treatment. With Bowen, the body will continue to heal and change for three to five days after a treatment as though it received a treatment every day. Between treatments, the body will continue to peel off layers of signs, conditions, disorders, and dysfunctions until core issues are addressed. In most cases, once a core issue is addressed, it clears itself from the body, and the results are almost immediate and long lasting.

In nearly 90 percent of all cases, people are restored back to optimal health within an initial set of only three to five treatments. Each treatment is generally spaced five to ten days apart, with seven days between treatments being optimal for most people. After the initial set of treatments, maintenance is performed on an as needed basis, similar to a tune-up for a car. Urgent, nonemergency care can be performed immediately after an injury or trauma to quickly initiate the healing processes and to get the body out of shock. Athletes who sustain an ankle sprain or neck, shoulder, or muscle strain, for example, can rapidly return to competition in as little as two to five minutes at 80–100 percent. Another case, an asthma attack, can be stopped in as little as ten to twenty seconds using a very specific, yet simple, set of activations.

Bowen is very gentle in its approach. Anyone, ranging from newborn infants through aging adults, with any condition can receive treatment without any potential health risk or risk of harm or injury. Athletes use Bowen to provide a very rapid, all-natural, exceptional, and superior competitive edge.

A treatment can take as long as sixty minutes to complete or, in some cases, as little as ten minutes, depending on what the body needs and can optimally receive and use that day. One of the key elements to Bowen is that each successive treatment builds and compounds on the last one. This directly influences and accelerates healing on much deeper levels, greatly improving overall health and well-being as multiple layers of ill health and dysfunction are removed.

Bowen is very unique in its approach to the body and clearly exceptional. It is unlike any other bodywork or physical treatment method. During a treatment, the practitioner performs just a few activations at precisely located points on the body and then walks away for a few minutes. The practitioner returns, activates a few more points, and then leaves again, continuing in this manner throughout the course of the treatment. The waiting times placed in between a series of activations are an integral part of the treatment. They allow the body time to take in the signals that were given, while also allowing it time to respond and make much needed adjustments or changes. This process of only slightly activating the body before leaving it to respond and change also protects the body from overstimulation as overstimulation quickly causes the body to become defensive. The waiting time also gives the practitioner time to observe and identify any changes the body has made in direct response to the work that was performed. The responses, or, in some cases, a nonresponse, give the practitioner solid clues to the true current state of the body on deep levels, and they show the direction it is heading and also give subtle hints for the practitioner to follow. These hints communicate to the practitioner what the body wants or needs next. This unique and proactive relationship between the response of the body and the practitioner has a direct correlation to the extraordinary, very predictable, and lasting results Bowen achieves.

Bowen is simple, straightforward, and deliberate. It works with the body and what it presently needs, causing the body to stimulate healing from the inside out, in the reverse order that issues came. It also allows the body to heal what it knows is most important first as it aligns with and draws on its own optimal health and healing blueprint once again. The body does the work, not the practitioner. Bowen just simply opens pathways that have been dormant. Once the pathways are opened, neural-chemical changes instantaneously radiate throughout the entire body at lightning speed, setting off numerous chains of events that directly and powerfully impact every system, organ, and muscle in the body to varying degrees. The results of the overall impact on the body produce monumental shifts that can actually be felt during a typical Bowen treatment.

Characteristically, many of these shifts are experienced as a form of heat or heating up, vibration, a slight tingling sensation, body shifting, and/or slight involuntary muscle movements as the body begins to open and communicate with itself again. People often report that they can actually feel their bodies calm down, rebalance, and let go as the stress, tension, and pain simply disappear. Many also report that their minds calm down, and mind chatter vanishes, allowing them to feel a deep sense of peaceful well-being and restfulness that has been long overdue.

When the body is at rest, it begins to participate actively in resetting its own healing mechanisms, causing a myriad of acute and chronic health issues simply to resolve themselves on their own, without the need for any other outside effort or interference. Health issues that are commonly resolved include those on physiological, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. Healing on these levels transforms the entire body from a dis-eased or ill-at-ease state to a near-effortless or at-ease state of functioning and balance.

The focus of the practitioner is to concentrate initially on addressing the body as a whole, getting it to relax, open, and quickly let go of whatever it can, and then individually tailor the remainder of the treatment for the needs of the individual. Each consecutive treatment is tailored on the day of and during treatment to address very specific areas or conditions that are yet present in the body to achieve optimum results as soon as possible. As a treatment series progresses, it becomes more specific, and the length of treatment may shorten because the entire focus of the treatment will turn to more specific areas of the body that haven’t yet responded, with the sole purpose of focusing the body’s resources directly to a nonresponsive area or two.

Bowen simply addresses the entire body by activating key receptors that remind the body to function at its most efficient and vibrant state at all times. If the body can heal, it will heal with Bowen.

Many physicians and health care professionals around the world who have seen or experienced the superior and consistent results that Bowen produces are convinced of its profound effectiveness in addressing a long list of difficult-to-treat pain and health-related issues.

Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, MD, has written that Bowen is “the gentlest, most effective pain therapy ever!”

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Raymond Augustyniak, PhD, became involved with Bowen after it saved his life 14 years ago. He is the founder of the Bowen Healing System™ Centers and the Natural Healthcare Institute™ in California and regularly lectures and teaches classes both nationally and internationally. He is an author of the book Awaken the Doctor Within!, which explains Bowen in detail. His book also includes case studies, testimonies, a chapter on Bowen for animals, discoveries, and other theories about Bowen. His book includes over one full page of conditions that he has witnessed Bowen commonly address specifically for men, women, infants, children and teens, and athletes. More information can be found at