This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of New Age. New Age is a general term covering a wide variety of alternative spiritual and philosophical movements and beliefs often involving metaphysics and holistic approaches to personal health. Deborah Leigh is the Official Guide to New Age.

The Message:Your Secrets in the Cards, by Deborah Leigh, is a valuable resource for people interested in New Age, and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

Product Description
The Message is a particular way of reading the cards that Deborah Leigh learned from her grandmother. Over the years she has developed it into a remarkable tool for developing intuitive perception. It enables us to know ourselves so well that nothing ever need be left to Chance in our lives again. It teaches us how to live a happier life, utilizing choice and change as powerful instruments to guide our lives, learning to embrace the abundance and balance that belongs to the Universe by perceiving the future it makes it possible to take control and genuinely empower ourselves in ways we never imagined.

Author's Bio: 

This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of New Age. The Official Guide to New Age is Deborah Leigh.

Deborah Leigh is a renowned intuitive card reader/instructor/counselor and adviser both on and off the internet. In addition, she holds credentials as a holistic health practitioner and a member of the University of Metaphysical Sciences faculty where she teaches divination.

Deborah has intuitively read ordinary playing cards for nearly 30 years. She learned the unique method she uses - called "Personal Prophesy" - from her maternal grandmother. This method makes it possible to focus intuitively on a deck of playing cards and achieve a happier, more satisfying life by employing powerful insights from the cards into our daily lives.

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