This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Sound Therapy. Sound Therapy is an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all of its facets - physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual - to help clients to improve or maintain their health. Regina Murphy is the Official Guide to Sound Therapy.

The Elusive Gift of Tragedy, by Roger Regina Murphy, is a valuable resource for people interested in Sound Therapy, and it is available through

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In the dedication of The Elusive gift of Tragedy, Regina says she wrote this book for all parents who search in desperation to help ease the emotional and physical pain of their children. She adds that if she can help one mother avoid the painful experiences she went through as her son, John, grew up, writing this book has been worth it.

Regina does this by telling the story of John’s life, including his initial trauma in the neonatal ward, his experience with conventional medicine, which had him pumped full of anti-psychotic drugs by the age of six, his battle with depression, and close calls with death as he went through a number of exit points until the last one, when he crossed over.

Regina tells how she researched, became certified in, and improved upon a number of alternative healing modalities in an attempt to help John meet his life challenges. She includes a session with a gifted medium that taps into the pre-birth plans or contracts they agreed to. She fascinates the reader with how he became her spirit guide after crossing over and assumed the role of master teacher working with her during healing sessions using her cameras as a teaching tool. He continues to show us that death is merely a change in form and not the ultimate separation from those we love.

As a mother, and a practioner in the healing arts who watched her son suffer from depression and addiction - Regina’s heartfelt words will hit home with so many parents in the same place right now. She does deliver on her promise of easing the journey for parents and their children.

I came away from reading this book greatly impressed by Regina’s ability to turn the pain of her son’s death into a blessing for us all. She has indeed found the elusive gift of tragedy.

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Review by Janee Vere, Lightworker Publications

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This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Sound Therapy. The Official Guide to Sound Therapy is Regina Murphy. Regina Murphy L.M.T., is the Founder of “Emotional Sound Techniques”. She is also a teacher, speaker, gifted multidimensional photographer”, author of “The Elusive Gift of Tragedy”, “Emotional Sound Techniques” and “Harmonic Massage”. She is the founder of a Nevada non-profit corporation called Love In Action, Inc. that is dedicated to assisting the emotionally challenged children in the custody of the State of Nevada and other emotionally challenged individuals in the Las Vegas area. After transforming her life from the owner of a very successful flooring company servicing the Las Vegas Casinos to a life of serving the community, she worked as a volunteer massage therapist at the Saint Theresa Center for AIDS and HIV patients and their families.

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