This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Accelerated Learning. Accelerated Learning is a style of learning in which one learns and retains information in an intensive and shortened amount of time using various methods which allow you to read, retain, and recollect information quickly and efficiently. Peter Julian is the Official Guide to Accelerated Learning.

The Accelerated Learning Handbook: A Creative Guide to Designing and Delivering Faster, More Effective Training Programs, by Dave Meier, is a valuable resource for people interested in Accelerated Learning, and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

From the Publisher

Discover how today's corporations are benefiting from accelerated learning to speed training time, improve results, and reduce costs.

Accelerated learning is the use of music, color, emotion, play, and creativity to involve the whole student and enliven the learning experience. The Accelerated Learning Handbook is the first definitive book to explain state-of-the-art accelerated learning techniques to trainers and teachers, and features 40 techniques designed to save money while producing far better results.

Leading expert Dave Meier provides an overview of the background and underlying principles of accelerated learning, and reviews the latest supporting research results. Training professionals will look to The Accelerated Learning Handbook to:

* Improve the long-term value of training
* Cut course development time by half
* Discover tips for music- and computer-based learning

Dave Meier founded the Center for Accelerated Learning in 1980. Since then, he has trained more corporate training professionals to use accelerated learning techniques than any other person worldwide. The Center for Accelerated Learning mails over 200,000 brochures and newsletters annually in support of Dave's work and seminars. His clients include Continental Airlines, Ameritech, Con Edison, Canon USA, Shell Oil, Starbucks, Traveler's Insurance, AT&T, Intel, and American Express. He has published articles in Training & Development magazine, is the editor of Accelerated Learning Application News, and was chosen "Trainer of the Year" by the ASTD's Brain Trainer's Group.

Author's Bio: 

This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Accelerated Learning. The Official Guide to Accelerated Learning is Peter Julian.

Like most experts in the field of Accelerated Learning, at a very young age Peter Julian became fascinated by the notion that learning could not only be easy & fun but also extremely fast.

Over the years Peter continued to formulate and apply the many lessons he learned to the fields of sports, aviation, music, personal performance, and behavioral medicine. For instance, he earned a Masters degree in psychoneuroimmunology in under 9 months while reading an amazing 349 books in preparation for his thesis.

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