This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Business Etiquette. Business Etiquette is the set of written and unwritten rules of conduct that make social interactions between co-workers, clients, bosses and employees run more smoothly. Shannon Smith is the Official Guide to Business Etiquette.

Power Manners, by Shannon Smith, is a valuable resource for people interested in Business Etiquette, and it is available by clicking this link.

Book Description

In this hyped and frenzied world of impersonal communication, most people forget the value of professional ethics, common courtesies, decent manners, correct social etiquette and good personal grooming.

Too bad, because first impressions are instantaneous and irreplaceable. Knowing how to behave has never been more important to your success. Like it or not, your ‘personal brand’ is constantly on show, as family, friends, colleagues, clients and employers watch and keep score.

But don’t expect this book to be about some stiff, formal, inflexible code of conduct. Instead it’s full of juicy information and insider-tips that you won’t find elsewhere. Sound advice about how to use good manners to add the polish that leads to personal power, turning every encounter into a compelling expression of self-confidence.

Poor manners can limit a person’s progress, both professionally and socially. Follow the game plan in this book,make a commitment to apply the lessons learned,and you will experience life-altering changes in attitude, behavior and habits, empowering yourself to communicate credibly, persuasively and effectively.

Good manners are rooted in common sense, logic and kindness and grounded by an underlying philosophy that we should all treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Using universal truths as her baseline, Shannon has added her life experience and her expertise as an international image strategist to this book about best behavior.

Author's Bio: 

This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Business Etiquette. The Official Guide to Business Etiquette is Shannon Smith. Shannon Smith is a leading image strategist and founder of Premiere Image International She is a TV personality. Speaker, columnist and author of Power MannersHow to Use Your Personal Skills for Business and Social Success. She assists individuals dine, wine, and act fine through her contemporary finishing school programs for companies and individuals across North America. Customized programs include – business etiquette, image mastery, charisma, presentations skills, appropriate dress & grooming, manners, etiquette training, executive dining and protocol. Shannon helps individuals transform from unnoticed to unforgettable…guaranteed. For more information please call 416 324 8955 or visit

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