This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Employee Motivation. Employee Motivation is the act of providing your employees with the incentives, inspiration and positive atmosphere that will motivate them to superior performance of their jobs. Doris Helge is the Official Guide to Employee Motivation.

Joy on the Job - Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve, by Doris Helge, is a valuable resource for people interested in Employee Motivation, and it is available through

Book Description

Hundreds of proven, easy-to-implement strategies that create joy and fulfillment at work. Material was drawn from interviews with employeees and managers in 21 diverse organizations. Evidence of significant improvements in employee satisfaction, morale, motivation, productivity, teamwork, and customer service. Managers unlocked hidden potential so leadership improved. Over 100 user-friendly exercises help readers integrate new knowledge and skills. Written in a warm, conversational style. Complete appendix (over 52 pages) includes extensive Index and "References and Notes" section.

"You'll get instant positive results. The techniques are well tested and easy to use. You'll use Doris' tools and information every day."

Marsha Needham, Human Resources Director, CNN News --CNN News, Atlanta, Georgia

"Helge spent years formulating steps you can follow to become happier and more fulfilled. Her work is a roadmap to joy and peace."

Aquarius Magazine Book Review

"Businesswoman and empowerment speaker Doris Helge, Ph.D. presents “Joy on the Job: Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve,” a no-nonsense self-help guide to improving the quality of one’s life while on the job. Written on the precept that everyone deserves to delight in work as much as in a cherished vacation, “Joy on the Job” discusses the value of curiosity, how to harness the power of focus and communicate unmet needs, learning when and how it’s necessary to abandon “happy face paint” for negative emotions, tips and tricks for overcoming procrastination, multisensory mind-body techniques to improve happiness in one’s journey through life, and much more. Reference and research notes as well as an extensive index round out this enthusiastically recommended guide to greater personal happiness and job satisfaction.

Margaret Lane, Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review

"You brought important information to our viewers, letting them know they are not alone and helping them know how to improve their lives."
Peter Anthony Holder, Host, CJAD Tonight, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada --CJAD Tonight, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Doris’ work will help you master your life.”

Mark Victor Hansen, bestselling co-author, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series

"The book, Joy on the Job, touches my heart. So many talented people are starved for happiness at work. Doris shares proven ways to create a work life that feeds your soul while padding your pocketbook."

Michael Port, Author of the bestseller, "Book Yourself Solid"

"Doris' work empowers women to honor their unique gifts and talents so they can use their natural leadership abilities to earn more money and live their dreams.”

Sheri McConnell, President, National Association of Women Writers and
author of "Smart Women"

”Doris is one of the most amazing professionals I have interviewed on my international show. I also reviewed her book, "Joy on the Job." This book is changing the face of workplaces around the world. That’s saying a lot for a person who interviews over 15 high-level executives a month. Doris not only talks about how to increase morale performance, her book and speaking accomplish both. As a bonus she helps create functional teams that produce a competitive edge. If an employee is stressed, they need to listen to our interview, because she reveals over 5 strategies that they can quickly implement and gain instant results. That's why managers applaud Dr. Helge's work.”

Bobby Ellis, Book Reviewer & Interviewer for

"I would like to thank Dr. Helge. Positive things definitely came from both of her presentations to the Microsoft Finance Team. Everyone agreed they wish they’d had more time. One woman sent an email that she couldn’t get to sleep that night. She was cuddled in her robe reading “Joy on the Job” and it was too hard to put it down and go to bed! With regards to work at Microsoft, I’m definitely feeling a better vibe of “community” and the need to all work together. Thank you!"

Stephanie Schuh, Microsoft Finance Team

"This is The Bible of Happiness at Work! You will receive rapid relief from difficult problems. This book is easy and fun to read. You get over 460 proven techniques you will immediately and easily use to gain more fun and fulfillment at work. The book is based on over 10 years of research with entrepreneurs, employees, and managers in many organizations. Discover how to surround yourself with supportive people and cash in on your strengths. If you want more fulfillment and happiness when you’re working, this book is definitely worth your time and money. Whether you work in a large organization or out of your home, your satisfaction is guaranteed!"

Bill Uhl, Senior Instructor, OHV Training and winner of gold medals for the U.S.

"Dr. Helge’s work creates immediate improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity. Our employees smile a lot more. They also read “Joy on the Job” over and over. Teamwork is now the best it’s ever been!"

Pat Hollister, Marketing Associate, Allied Systems, International

"Dr. Helge's clients call her "The Joy on the Job Coach" because she helps them add sizzle to an average work day. Evaluations of her work show her training and speaking create significant boosts in productivity, enthusiasm, teamwork, and employee retention. Every organization needs that!"

Deborah Marlin, book reviewer for Hedra News & Reviews

"I love this book! I recommend this book to all my clients and friends. You will immediately discover three simple secrets of happiness at work. Just knowing these secrets will instantly produce less stress, more fun, and remarkable fulfillment at work. Even though “Joy on the Job” is written in a warm, conversational style, it is based on 10 years of research, including over 650 interviews of entrepreneurs, employees, and managers in 21 organizations.

You can trust this information because every secret of happiness at work that Dr. Helge discovered was field tested in a series of “Joy on the Job Seminars.” Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, or employee, whether you are currently happy or unhappy at work, you’ll read this book over and over. You’ll gain more and more value with every reading. The book has hundreds of easy-to-use, no-cost techniques that will immediately bring you more joy on the job. You deserve to be happy at work. Buy this book now!"

Taylore Vance, C.E.O., Titan Management, International

"With great skill and reverence for life, Dr. Doris guides us in awakening the passion to live and love. And with meticulous attention to details, she shows us how to direct that passion to create joy and fulfillment in our work. Whether you are an entrepreneur, employer, or employee, whether you have owned your own business for 20 years or are working a temporary job, the insights and exercises in this book can galvanize and enliven your work. For me, the exercise on page 357 alone is worth the price of the book."

Dr. Rudy Scarfalloto, chiropractor and author of “The Dance of Opposites”

"This wonderful book is a must if you are unhappy in your job and aren’t sure what to do about it. Dr. Helge has written a comprehensive and very useful book, complete with baby steps you can take to get where you want to be. Rarely has a book about careers been researched at this level. And it’s fun to read! It’s packed with pithy quotes that really hit home and help you recognize internal blocks to job satisfaction."

Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks, Psychologist, Portland, Oregon

"Dr. Helge’s book is a joy to read. It provides simple to understand techniques that can be put into practice immediately. Using her techniques instantly brings results that create a more positive life, not only at work but in all aspects of every day life and in your relationships. I highly recommend this book as one you can grow with and use for years to come. As your life changes, the variety of techniques that provide more and more growth will fit your changing life."

Anell Q. Tubbs, Reiki Instructor, Boise, Idaho

Author's Bio: 

This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Employee Motivation. The Official Guide to Employee Motivation is Doris Helge. Dr. Helge is an executive coach, award-winning speaker, and corporate trainer. She is author of "Joy on the Job," "Transforming Pain Into Power," and other books. Some have been published in many languages. She was honored with a writing award from the National Association of Women Writers. Dr. Helge has received excellent evaluations regarding corporate training and consulting at companies as large as Microsoft. She has provided keynotes to associations as large as the AOHC conference in Boston, Massachusetts, attended by 3,700 occupational health personnel. In addition to serving in a variety of corporate roles, Dr. Helge previously directed two national human service organizations. She has also been on faculty at The University of Texas, Murray State University, and Western Washington University.

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