This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Energy Healing. Energy Healing is a modern spiritual healing technique in which the practitioner aims to release long-held energetic wounds and help 'nudge' the patient's system to begin a process of healing and growth. Annette Colby is the Official Guide to Energy Healing.

Healing With Energy: The Definitive Guide to Hands-On Techniques from a Master, by Starr Fuentes, is a valuable resource for people interested in Energy Healing and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

Book Description
In this highly instructional volume, master healer and teacher Starr Fuentes clearly explains the entire healing process, from the appropriate situation for healing someone to the steps of closing a session. Beginners can easily access information about the dynamics involved, while advanced healers can expand their knowledge by exploring the wealth of healing techniques covered.

Included in Healing With Energy are more than 40 illustrated healing techniques and exercises, 140 affirmations for specific afflictions, and an insightful glossary of more than 300 terms. This valuable wisdom covers a wide variety of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing modalities that can be used by anyone, for self-healing or to begin or expand a practice.

Never before has there been such an inclusive resource of healing secrets. Inside you will learn:

* Why it is critical for a healer to be a fully conscious conduit and how to do it.

* How to identify and use the healing light senses you naturally possess.

* What a healer needs to know about the various types of healees and the responsibilities of both parties in a healing.

* What are the basic elements, energies, and forces at work during a session.

* How to build awareness and navigate the energies and fields present in a healing.

* What to do with the beneficial and used energies from the healee.

* How to use your knowledge and experience to determine what the healee needs next.

* Which one critical factor--the wild card--overrides all techniques.

The vast knowledge Starr Fuentes has accumulated from a lifetime of study, five decades of using healing techniques, and from teaching thousands of students, makes Healing With Energy a must-have for the healing practitioner's library.

From the Back Cover
"Starr Fuentes combines the wisdom of traditional healers with insights of quantum physics, and has developed a program that has empowered those who study with her. Making this information available to the public is indeed a gift and a blessing that will assist many others in actualizing their own healing work."
--Steven Halpern, composer, recording artist, researcher, and pioneering sound healer

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This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Energy Healing. The Official Guide to Energy Healing is Annette Colby

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