National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health fact: 25% of employees view their jobs as the No. 1 stressor in their lives, more so than financial or family problems. Now job stress can be reversed and prevented with a new treatment at home, the pulsed magnetic fields of Magnopro. This cutting edge bio-energetic health technology has been proven effective by relieving stress, assisting sleep, increasing vitality and relieving pain. For more information visit

Early warning signs of job stress include headaches; sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, a short temper and upset stomach. By lying down for 15 minutes and the simple push of a button, Magnopro pulsed magnetic fields mat can significantly reduce these health complaints.

We all want to be stress free. Stress has become a continuous health challenge. For most of us, the modern-day world seems to be spinning faster and faster, zapping us of our energy. Once a stress reaction occurs, it can take hours, even days to recover. Since the effects of stress are also cumulative, a daily routine of reducing the physiologic response becomes necessary to ward off long-term damage and ensuing physical problems such as irritability, headaches, hypertension, gastritis, arrhythmias, depression, fatigue, immune deficiencies, etc. Magnopro is noninvasive and nontoxic, which makes it ideal for gradual body rebalancing, rest and recovery.

According to the Encyclopedia of Occupational Safety and Health, some studies link stressful working conditions with suicide, cancer, ulcers and impaired immune function. What's more, job stress is linked with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders such as neck pain, workplace injury and psychological disorders such as depression and burnout. Research has shown that using pulsed magnetic field’s actually influence cellular metabolism by imitating the low magnetic fields that occur naturally in our bodies. Benefits include: improvements in circulation, reduction of pain, muscle relaxation, reduction of swelling, decreased inflammation, improved oxygenation in the tissues, and a better nights sleep.

Though backed by 30 years of solid European research, the pioneering of pulsed magnetic fields for whole body stress relief has just begun in the United States. For more information visit