This report is an interview between internet mogul Stephen Pierce and wealth expert Bob Proctor. You can go to the bottom of this page and download your free copy of this report right away.

In this report Bob Proctor explains the purpose of money and how to use the Law of Attraction to earn more of it. The theme of this report is centered around Bob Proctor’s teachings and The Science of Getting Rich.

I have to admit that I got so much from this interview. I’ve probably read it at least a dozen times because there is so much value and wisdom in it. You can skip to the bottom right away and download it now.

This interview is powerful. The information in it has got a great vibration to it. I can’t explain it, but every time I read it I get more excited about what I’m doing and what this report can do for you. It really is The Science of Getting Rich.

Who is the heck is Stephen Pierce?

That’s a great question. I had no idea until I read up on him, which is the main reason why I haven’t mentioned him until now. He’s got a great story of how he started his first internet business and within the first year was earning $500,000.

Since then he’s earned millions of dollars on the internet. Here’s some background on Stephen,

“Stephen was a punk kid who grow up in the mean streets of DC. He hung out with the wrong crowd and ended up with a bullet in his leg. Today, Stephen is an active trainer, speaker and internet guru. He lives in a mansion in a gated community and custom designed home on a ranch. His companies gross over ten million dollars a year teaching people how then can live their dreams.”

When I heard that Stephen was an internet multi-millionaire I started to follow his blog: Dtalpha Talkback. Stephen believes that blogs are a great way to generate traffic and earn real money on the internet. If you’re a blogger you might want to check him out. He gives some very sound advice to bloggers and internet marketers.

I’ve been following Stephen’s blog for the past 9 months and he seems to know what he’s talking about. His teachings are focused in two areas: internet marketing and personal development. He’s got some great tips on how to earn money online. You might want to bookmark his blog at Dtalpha Talkback.

9 Tips Found in the Attraction Acceleration Report

In this free report, Stephen Pierce interviews Bob Proctor. There are some great insights and tips in this report. Here’s what you’ll learn inside:

1. Is money the root of all evil? Bob Proctor gives his answer on Page 6.

2. Do you have to be smarter than the average individual to get rich? Response on Page 7.

3. Why do so many of the top performers in some of the biggest companies in the world cannot understand why they’re top performers? Answer is on Page 8.

4. Bob Proctor says that the Law of Attraction is not the primary law; it’s secondary to another law. What law is it? See Page 10.

5. Why are a great number of people not getting what they want? See Page 12.

6. Why do a great number of people lack focus or control of their thoughts? Answer is on Page 12.

7. Where does money ‘really’ come from? See Page 14.

8. Why do most people earn far less money than they want? Insight on Page 15.

9. Bob will also share with you his thoughts on three income-earning strategies. He calls them M1, M2 and M3. M1 is used by 96% of the population. The other two strategies are only used by 4% of the population - the very rich! Learn more on Page 17.

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