Different sources, which have survived the centuries, bear witness to the invisible and often impalpable reality behind appearances. Engravings found on the walls of Pyrenean caves reflect the work of healers, as do descriptions in ancient Egyptian scrolls. The methods of treatment that act upon the energetic formations of organisms, as legends testify, were discovered in the East about 3000 B.C. In the Dead Sea scrolls, which were found in mountain caves located above an unearthed Qumran settlement in Israel belonging to the Essene sect, researchers discovered many world-shaking facts. The Essenes routinely trained members of their community in the practice of curing diseases by the laying on hands. A number of people in the Essenian sect demonstrated astonishing healing miracles by touching the afflicted with their hands. Since then we haven’t changed; the only thing that has changed is our approach to caring for our bodies.

We have to accept the wisdom of our ancestors transmitted to each of us through birth. We especially have to respect the truth that has been passed down to us through generations. We have to find the courage to refuse to accept at face value everything told to us by orthodox medical practitioners. Don’t misunderstand! Physicians trained in modern medicine can benefit our lives. We should consider their knowledge, but not as though it was the ultimate or complete truth. Modern pharmaceutical medicine evolved approximately 100 years ago when aspirin tablets were introduced. Aspirin in its natural form, willow bark, has been prescribed during millennia by people who call themselves healers, shamans, priests, and medicine-men, or other names synonymous to the Latin word “doctor” – teacher, or practitioner of healing arts. The organic and functional transformations called diseases, once initiated, may be stopped or reversed at almost any point.

The component material parts of the body and its functional physiology have been well investigated under the microscope and are sufficiently catalogued at this time. Modern medicine treats a human being as a mechanic does an automobile: let’s fix it here and there, replacing one worn-out part for a new one. There is little comprehension of the human body as an entity. Medicine disregards the spiritual being of a person – the state of interconnection of the soul with the body.

We are responsible for the creation our own destiny. My parents gave me the first lessons of respect towards Nature and utilization of its gifts. “Do not tear, break, but plant and help, and the compensation will come. If you hurt yourself, do not run after help, but put on a leaflet of a plantain; if you have a fever, drink a lime tea; if you get a small sunburn, put some sour cream on it; if it’s too strong, dilute with some of your own urine or vegetable oil.” Such lessons taught me and my siblings to rely more on Nature and ourselves rather than depend every minute on medicine. Ever since I have transmitted my experiences as well as those of my parents to the next generation, I cannot allow the chain of knowledge to stop.

Knowledge is power! This power is inside each one of us! It’s inside of you. You have the capability and responsibility to make wise decisions. Ignorance breeds fear. Give yourself a chance to get rid of your fear of the unknown. You are Creator of Your Own Destiny! Ancient healing arts and modern medicine are not necessarily enemies; they can compliment each other. Don’t be afraid to understand, learn about yourself and help yourself!
© Rachel Madorsky
"Create Your Own Destiny!"

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Rachel Madorsky, MS, is known worldwide as an expert on natural healing and author of Symphony of Your Karma, Create Your Own Destiny, Karma of Your Destiny, Your Choice; and Energy and Health. She is one of those rare, gifted people, born with the ability to heal, devoting her life to what she wants to do most – help people. She maintains a private consulting practice.