Unless you've been under a rock for the last few years, you know that every middle aged man has at the very least thought about getting his hands on some of those magical little blue pills.

Viagra and Cialis are everywhere!

Are Male Erectile Dysfunction Pills Actually Safe?

Of course, we've all heard the TV commercials that tell you about the great benefits, but then in a hushed voice warn you to "seek immediate medical attention if an erection lasts more than four hours". Huh? What exactly are these pills doing to our bodies?

Modern medicine has a great track record for fixing broken bones and major injuries resulting from accidents. But results have been downright disappointing for medications. And then there's the major fun fact that almost no medication actually fixes anything - it's all a long term maintenance plan for life. Ouch!

What IS absolutely amazing is the results people see with natural, herbal supplements.

What About Natural, Herbal Viagra Alternatives? 

Let's put it this way...

I took blood pressure medication for years (250 milligrams a day in the last year), and according to my doctor, I could expect to take it (in ever increasing quantities) for the rest of my life. Cool, huh?

Until one day I said "that's enough"! I started reading up on natural alternatives, i.e. stuff that doesn't require prescriptions. At least not yet - that's a government control topic for another day...

A good friend of ours who's very familiar with holistic (natural) treatments recommended some herbal supplements, and a daily meditation program. So I started taking those supplements and began the 30 minute daily meditation program, with an open mind and a hope for better health.  

Amazingly enough, my blood pressure was completely GONE within the first 3 months of this new program. And 3 years later, by blood pressure is still gone. By the way, I only took the supplements for 3 months - not for the rest of my life!

Are Herbal Supplements Safe? 

Absolutely! Just like drugs from your local pharmacy, some will be completely harmless and some will have nasty side effects. You have to be smart, do your homework, and know what you're putting into your body. If you do actually read up and do a little research, you'll quickly know what natural alternatives are available for what ever's ailing you.

Guess what - you should do the SAME level of research when you buy a big name drug. Just because it comes on TV, doesn't mean it's safe and won't have side effects for you. 

Benefits of Natural  Supplements Over Prescription Drugs

Are you tired of paying a massive premium and jumping through hoops to get your hands on those pricey blue pills? One major problem with Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs is the price.

Ever hear of herbal Viagra? Yes, there are various natural, herbal treatment options coming on the market to treat erectile dysfunction, but at a fraction of the price. Tired of paying $15 per pill? Some of the herbal options go for $1 to $2 per pill.

Better yet, many herbal supplements have been around for hundreds or thousands of years; they haven't been rushed out of the Big Pharma Corp in time for the major product launch of the "blue pill", the "purple pill", or whatever color we're pushing this month. Do you ever wonder why they make them such pretty colors?

Then there's the hassle and red tape, and all the time involved in getting a prescription, juggling your insurance coverage, playing the "co-payment" game to see what is and isn't covered this month, and so on. All those fun reasons we try to avoid pharmaceuticals whenever possible. 

And of course there are the side effects. Ever try reading the side effects on most medicines you purchase these days? Scary!!! People not only get sick and have crazy reactions, but many actually die from side effects of modern medicines. Perhaps it's the over commercialization of modern medicine that pushes out products before they're actually ready (something we so often see in the software industry). Regardless, fact is modern medicine offers many benefits for emergency situations, but has a LOT of growing to do when it comes to solving regular problems like erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure.

Herbal supplements tend to be significantly safe and have few if any side effects. Again, research anything you're going to put into your body, but all in all you're probably much safe when you go natural. 

Maybe it's time to give the natural, herbal approach a try. And instead of spending a fortune on a bottle of Viagra, give natural, herbal Viagra a try.

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