Will a blog help you get a new job? YES! The reason for this is that a blog helps you to be found my recruiters and employers. When they find YOU, instead of you finding THEM, you have greatly increased your chances for a positive end result.

But what if you aren’t found through your blog? Well, then, what an opportunity you have to talk about it during an interview. It’s a great way to show the employer that you keep up to the minute in your area of expertise and then share that expertise with others.

Another thing to do is to list your blog on your resume so that a potential hiring manager can see what you are all about before determining if you’ll get an interview. This can really set you apart from the pack, so put that blog url in your name header area.

Another idea is to mention your blog in your cover letter and/or in the follow up letter you send to the hiring manager as a reminder of who you are. Remember, just HAVING a blog sets you apart from the crowd--always the right place to be.

Here are some great reasons for having a blog:

• A blog may get you noticed, and you can’t be hired until you are noticed.

You set yourself apart immediately when you can tell a potential employer to “google” you to learn about what you have written on the internet.

• Blogging helps you refine your communications skills and learn to get your point across succinctly – exactly what you want to do with a potential hiring manager.

• Blogging is a great way to network on the internet. You may be surprised who will be reading your blog and contacting you.

Need to learn more about blogging? Just “google” it!

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