We are a truly wonderful beings. It is incredible what we have done with our minds and power. From the pyramids of Egypt and South America to the satellites and computers of today, from the paintings of Michaelangelo to the music of Beethoven … the list is endless.

We have created civilizations, as well as arts, sciences, philosophies, religions, political systems, cities, transportation systems and everything else on this earth which is not a pure product of nature.

Yet we are a part of nature. Just as a bridge created by beavers is considered natural, so is a bridge created by man. Just as the songs of the birds are products of nature, so are the songs of mankind. We are instruments of nature just as all other beings are.

We are, however, a self-conscious aspect of nature, and can look at ourselves, observe ourselves and correct ourselves. We are also, to some extent, freer than the other beings in nature, to flow with the general laws of nature or to ignore them.

Often we choose to ignore the laws of nature and act egotistically at the expense of the whole, creating great imbalances in the forces of nature. These actions have their reactions and we are paying for them today in the forms of fires, earthquakes, war, acts of terrorism, polluted air, water and food.

This freedom to live and work in harmony with nature, or not, was necessary in order for us to make these mistakes and learn from them, so that we could then become a conscious and willing cocreators with the divine. All the other species are following the law because they have no conscious choice.

Men and women all over the world today, who have learned from their mistakes, are choosing to consciously and willingly become instruments of the divine plan here on earth.

They are giving up their needs for personal riches and accumulation of material objects.

They are letting go of the need for affirmation, through fame and social success, and they are dedicating their lives to getting in touch with the divinity within themselves and expressing it in their own unique way.

Each is finding the way in which he or she will offer healing energy to the world.

Each is caring more for others who need help.

Each is seeking to become a transformer of spiritual energy into useful actions, which better the quality of life in the ambient society.

The plants absorb the energy of the sun and transform it into useful sugars and starches, amino acids, proteins and oils in the fruits, vegetables and grains which we eat. We can absorb spiritual energy through our prayer and meditation and loving connection with God and all beings, and then transform this energy into actions which raise the level of consciousness of the beings around us.

You who are reading this book are one such person. If you have not yet realized this, you soon will. You will begin to desire it. If you haven’t already, you will soon begin to desire to be a useful instrument in the divine plan here on earth. You will begin to realize that the greatest happiness is to fulfill this role, however it may manifest for you, for each will serve and help in his own way.

When you feel this desire, pray to be used, to be a pure instrument, which is always attuned to the guiding voice of the Master who is using this instrument. Pray to be free of ego and ignorance and to be a source of light and love to all who come in contact with you. You are capable of this. You are of divine origin.

Together we are creating the reality which we are experiencing. Together we can transform it into a more harmonious, more joyful reality. For this reason, it is important for us to join with others who have the same goals and beliefs. Our own personal transformation will be much facilitated. There will be less chance of getting caught up in some of the traps on the spiritual path, especially the trap of spiritual ego, which occurs more often when we work alone. Also, our efforts on the practical, social level will be much more productive if we are many and united.

We are each a hole in the curtain of the material world through which divine light is flowing. Let that light flow. Do not get caught up in thoughts of weakness or hopelessness.

Remember, however, that divinity, or holiness, can never wish for the harm of any being. Holiness by its very definition is that which affects the whole in such a way that all benefit.

Thus, the divine consciousness within us will not make miracles which are solely for our personal satisfaction or for control over others. Our higher mind will decide, in each case or problem, what is best for the whole.

Let the Light Decide

Thus, we can have faith that all we need to do is let our love-light consciousness envelop any situation to do its work, without our programmed mind intervening and deciding on what results this blessing should bring about.

It is best not to specifically imagine what we would like to happen, but simply to bless each situation and let our divine consciousness manifest the results that are best for us and all beings concerned.

In some cases, until our spiritual sight is restored, it may seem that our divinity is not manifesting itself, or that it is making mistakes. This is not the case; it is simply that we have a specific idea in our mind as to what the best solution for this situation would be, but that idea is the result of our limited and distorted view of things.

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Bless everyone and everything
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Trust in your spiritual power. Bless every situation and, sooner or later, you will see that everything is perfect. There are no mistakes.

The power of God is flowing through all, independently of how much it shows. The same electrical current is flowing through all wires, independently of whether one bulb can transform it into 500 watts of light or only 25 watts. The power available to each bulb is the same.

Each person has the same potential connection to this God power. It is our job to increase the amount of flow that we can manifest. This will be done through our regular employment of the various spiritual practices. The following technique, in conjunction with your spiritual practices, will expedite this process.


Throughout the day, develop the habit of blessing or wishing well for all persons you contact or even pass by.

Bless people, animals, plants, buildings, cars, objects, machines, situations and events – anything.

All is an expression of one higher consciousness. All can be connected to, aligned with or tuned to its higher source.

Thus when we visualize or pray, we are not dictating what should happen, but rather asking that it be aligned with its highest possible good. In some cases that may mean for a person to be healed or in others to become more ill or even to transit into the afterlife.

We do not know what is best for each being and situation. But we can wish for the highest possible good for that being or situation to manifest. In this way we facilitate that being’s or situation’s contact with its spiritual source.

This can be done in a few different ways:

1. We can imagine that being or situation in light wishing for the highest possible good.

2. We can imagine a ray of light falling on that being or situation from above and filling it with light – with the mental intent of the highest possible good. We could imagine this light coming from Christ or any other spiritual source we feel comfortable with.

3. We can imagine light energy flowing through us from the divine and then to that being.

4. We can visualize that light energy is flowing out from the spiritual source in the center of that being or situation into the physical body or reality.

I prefer the last because it honors the spiritual reality in the essence of that being or situation.

Let your light and love flow into all situations and affirm that there is no power greater than your blessing, for it is an expression of the creative power of the universe.

Do not forget to bless your own mind and your body frequently.

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