Have you ever seen a car you want drive by and park close to where you’re at, and when the person gets out of the car, you feel a little resentment towards that person? Has that ever happened to you?

Or, if and when you were single, you saw this beautiful woman in a restaurant sitting alone and right before you make your move, her husband or boyfriend walks up and sits down and the same thing happens, you hate the guy for having the girl?

Why is it natural for most human beings to feel resentment or hatred towards those who have nice or attractive things and people in their lives?

I know I used to be guilty of this. I had to learn that if I ever expected to have those things in my life, that I would have to shift my way of thinking. If there is a person that is having great results in business, better than my results, I had to learn to be happy and excited for that person instead of feeling jealousy and envy for what he has.

In Huna Philosophy, which is better known as Hawaiian spiritualism, it is understood that when you see something you want, bless it and bless that person who has it. If it is that new car you desire, bless that car and bless the person driving it. If it is the beautiful woman you want, bless her beauty and bless the man beside her. By doing this, you attract these things into your life.

The more jealousy and resentment you have toward the things you desire, the less likely it is that you will have those things. It all plays a role in how your subconscious views those things. If your mind relates those negative emotions in connection with the things you want, it will steer clear. Make sense?

So, whenever you see the nice boat, the rich guy, the great house or all the free time someone has, bless whatever it is that person has that you desire and bless that person for having it. Apply this principle and 90% of the stress in your life with disappear and you will find those things starting to flow into your life as well.

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