He was our third try for a dog.
He was the last puppy left from the litter.
We almost didn't get him!

His name is Bear. He is a Black Dog with a Pink Tongue.
Bear was our third try for a dog. The first two were unsuccessful adoptions...one a chocolate lab female and the other a pointer mix from the SPCA. I'll spare you the details on both of those, but just know that the third time was a charm!

Bear's dad is a Boxer and his Mom is a lab. Both of his parents
live together in a wonderful family home about an hour from us.

Bear was the last puppy available and we almost didn't get him! We knew the puppies were born but we just weren't ready to try again after those first two attempts...it was just too emotionally draining. But when my daughter's teacher told me how my daughter was sad because we still didn't have a dog, I decided to see if any of the puppies were still available. Luckily for us, one was.

We drove to see the puppy and he was beautiful. That was two years ago. Bear just turned two a week ago. He is handsome, smart and overall a 'good doggie.'

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