Count your new skills instead of candles.

For adults, the natural tendency on birthdays is to think in terms of what we can’t do anymore and how there are fewer years left. With black humor we count the candles and see if we can blow them all out.

Think back ten years ago. What could you do on a computer then?
(Did you even have a computer then?) Chances are your computer skills and sophistication are light years ahead of where you were then. Ten years ago you probably just used your computer for word processing and a few primitive games. Now computers are your primary source of getting information
and organizing information at work and home. Your search skills have become savvy, you can use dozens of programs, and you know how to avoid spam and viruses. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Ten years ago you probably didn’t have a “mobile” phone. Now you probably can do all kind of tricks with your cell phone, e.g., managing an address book, checking phone logs, choosing the ideal dial tone, and possibly using text messaging.
There are so many other skills you have acquired in the last ten years—or even since your last birthday. Chances are you have become wiser as well—making better decisions for yourself and helping others to make better decisions.

You can focus on what you can’t do or what you can do.
Which makes you feel better?

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