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Just how does my body do all this?

We have 200,000 years of core technology in our Gene pool as women, but apparently we can’t get it done without an epidural and C-sections!

When we get that our children are being impacted by the interventions, as is our birth experience, it’s a pretty sad commentary of just how far – we haven’t come – in 200,000 years!

We cannot birth from in our heads! Someone has forgotten to share that vital piece of information, and so we read everything, study, and watch, and then when we find no true pathway through the event: Hold our noses and jump…sort of …toe first…into a pool no one will even admit is there and then it’s up to everyone else in and around that pool as to how it all works out, including the medical teams and people we think we hire to help us!

Simply put:

BIRTH is a transition for the “virginal self” of the woman's psyche into and through the self, and an inner “death occurs’ , the death of the life of the virgin self, we now emerge a mother. She’s never been a mother before, many questions can come up, lots of fears, insecurities and often these get draped over the very convenient moment of birth. As baby is born through the virgin, the Mother in us emerges with the new born.

We are forever changed, altered, shifted in our consciousness. We are not alone, we are now responsible for nurturing this other whole human being and the onus we feel in ourselves as women, can be overwhelming. Even though our loving devoted partner is right there with us and feeling the same 100% impact on himself as well. As the virgin to mother role in us shifts the impact is both physical and emotional and a deep psychic shift in consciousness is occurring in us.

And no one can actually tell us what the little “mini-death” within our psyche is going to do to us.
Metaphor after metaphor attempts to describe it, but never will it do it in the same way it will actually happen to us. We know we’ll be different, we know our time constraints will be different, we know we’re going to feel a lot of new feelings but what are they? And what if I don’t feel it that way?

It’s pretty much the same as trying to figure out what the word LOVE means. To everyone it’s very different. Very.

A mother is now supposed to become love, is that infants strongest protection in the world. And it’s her mirror neurons at birth that will allow baby to learn from it’s mother outside her body’s protection. Therefore your feelings, emotions, facial expressions will become associated with food, warmth, feeling safe, protection, and most of all, love.

So the body ramps up Oxytocin at the moment of birth by approximately 10, to the power of 10 times, so the new mothers body is flooded with the feelings of love. The mirror neurons in baby are now stimulated and it’s little body responds, glowing from the mirror that it is, filled with the love of it’s mother.

This elevated Oxytocin levels lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour after birth and then resurges several times for about 3-4 days afterwards.

Now who would miss that if you didn’t have to?

Well, if you use a lot of drugs or various synthetic stimulator's the brain is pretty smart and knows when the body has too much oxytocin in it, and so it backs off it’s own production.

So have a shot of oxytocin at birth, because??? Well, just in case your own body won’t produce enough, we better have this so everything works properly. So the placenta can birth properly?
So you don’t bleed to death?

Well, it’s a very generic statement used across the opening of ignorance when we don’t really know what is going on with this magical elixir.

Now your own body backs off it’s own production and the mother feels in a very short period of time, mildly interested, loving yes, but the orgasmic connection is changed.

Fear in Childbirth

As Joseph Campbell, one of the founders of Mythological studies, said, “In Myth, wherever something is coming in, look at what is going out” When a baby is coming in, something is going out.

When we were little and suddenly we entered our feminine changes, it was for some of us, sudden, shocking, and without any information. What was happening to us? We’re different now, but what does it mean? No one speaks about it, “don’t scare her with the details”.

So we are left ignorant of a huge part of every woman’s reality.

The same happens to us in our birth experiences, there is so little real information, and no one seems to have the time, nor the inclination to answer any of the questions! They say “don’t worry about it all, we’ll take care of you” or, “your doctor knows what they are doing, let them tell you”.

The psyche however, knows something is very much afoot! Most new mothers or even second time mothers, can’t “see” beyond the birth of the child. They can’t see themselves over there, on the other side of the birth. Their psyche stops this side of the birth…our ability to see “over there”
is something that just gets “left” until the event opens, passes and is completed.

But a woman can see, can visualize her birth if she’s encouraged to. See it just as she wants it to be, beautiful, stress free, loving and a welcoming in of this new life.

When a mother is coming in, her virgin-self is going out. When an infant is being born, we are reborn in our passage as women. IN a society that despises the aging of women, is it any wonder we fear this huge psychological shift in consciousness? And yet it happens to all women who have a child. It’s a psychological shift in consciousness, and the hundreds of thousands of years of following this same blueprint as the perfected method, is under the attack of the intellect.

In a society where we are taught our body is untrustworthy and must be medically augmented to reach a more suitable form, where our weight will not obey us, is there any wonder we think twice about believing our body could work now? When it’s critical? When so much depends on it?

Nature Doesn’t wait:
Remember the long months before your birth? it seemed there was so much time…and so much to do, of course, “before the baby gets here”. Daily however, the birth continues, the baby grows, as does your enlarging tummy! We grow, and daily, it reminds us nature is not waiting on us. Soon we will be a mother. What will that look like? How will I be? Can I birth this child? Can I be it’s mother? Maybe I’m too weak, I’m not good at sports, I haven’t taken care of my body, I’m not good at anything that focus’s on my strength….

I’ll think about it tomorrow….and the tummy grows, and the baby grows and suddenly we are on the birthing moment….

And how are we feeling about our chances? How will it go for us?

I've worked extensively with women preparing them, helping them understand why their body works and to allow it. From there they have the peaceful elated - damage free - birth they envision!

Blessed Birthing!

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Kathy Welter-Nichols is an authority in the psychology of Birth , Pregnancy and psychological performance for new mothers. She has impacted the lives of hundreds of new mothers and fathers through one on one training, speaking engagements and live appearances, along with her groundbreaking audio CD's which promote relaxation and profound guidance during the pregnancy and birth experience. Her book, "MY BIRTH: My Way" calls upon the wisdom of the elders to assist mothers with ground breaking common sense!,,