The Og Group’s 7Laws Coaching program will take you on a 14 week journey of self discovery and personal development unlike anything you have ever felt before. This journey begins with a mathematically based and scientifically validated assessment that measures your thoughts as accurately as a thermometer measures temperature and which allows us (and you) to see, with pinpoint accuracy exactly which thought processes act to support and which ones act to sabotage your efforts.

Succeeding in life is a lot like scaling the highest peaks in the world. It takes preparation, perseverance and a knowledge of how to overcome various obstacles to make it to the top. In the world of mountaineering, the term “Big Wall” is used to describe an ascent up a cliff lasting more than one day. A Big Wall taxes a mountaineer’s endurance, courage and faith in themselves and their support teams.

Mountaineering and specifically Big Wall climbing is the sport of reaching the highest peaks in the world. It requires a number of skill sets as climbers must operate in a multitude of environments and overcome a variety of obstacles. Those who decide to reach these peaks often spend years preparing themselves for the journey; gaining the understanding, skills, team and confidence they need to succeed.

As in mountaineering, individuals seeking abundance also need to prepare themselves in very specific ways. Unfortunately, our school system does not teach us how and most are left to try to figure it out for themselves. This is equivalent to just showing up at the base of the cliff one day expecting somehow to be able to climb it.

The Og Group has measured the thought processes of over 3,000 people and has spent over 15,000 hours with these people and we know what seven thought processes are common to those seeking abundance and exactly which two act as poison to 98% who haven’t learned how to use these thought processes constructively.

The Og Group’s Coaching Program begins with a scientifically validated assessment which shows you exactly how you think. And by knowing exactly how you think, we can tell you very specific things you need to improve to more quickly scale your Big Walls and become abundant. We are sincerely interested in your success and have put together a number of resources and other tools to help you scale your Big Wall to abundance at our website, All you need to do is trust in yourself and use the tools and support system we offer to reach the top of your journey of abundance.

This journey of overcoming great challenges has been taken by every great person who every lived. Every great person faced their own Big Wall. Every great person scaled their Big Wall by learning and then by doing the things necessary to drive them to the top.

Og Mandino was such a great man. At the lowest point of his life he almost committed suicide. Yet he decided to take on his life, face his Big Wall and he then scaled it masterfully. After years of studying motivational and self-help books, he wrote The Greatest Salesman in the World in which he distilled the wisdom of the ages into 10 simple scrolls powerfully outlining universal principles of success and milestones of affirmation.

7Laws coaching is custom designed around Og’s principles of success but geared to your specific needs based on the personalized results of your assessment. During the 14 week experience, you will learn very specific methods of thinking to align your thought processes with abundance. It has been said that the most successful people think about their own thoughts and refrain from emotional hijacks. They think more about the process than they think about the outcome. They engage in what science says is MetaCognition—thinking about thinking.

The Og Group measures your thoughts with great accuracy, giving you a tool to think about your own thoughts differently and putting you in the drivers seat, controlling them. The Og Group has been teaching principles of abundance to people all over the world for over 10 years so we know what it takes to scale the Big Wall and become abundant. Your career is laden with opportunity even now. Please don’t let fear or doubt or “life” get in the way of becoming your greatest self.

With the 7Laws Assessment tool and with an Og Group coach acting as a guide helping you as you scale the Big Walls of your life, you will find a deeper joy, a richer peace and a quieter strength because you now successfully handle the challenges of your life with a new energy, a new sense of passion and a new power and wisdom. You become what you were meant to be and who you have desired to be all your life.

Avoid ripping off your future by escaping or avoiding your life, trying to live in fantasy and experiencing only counterfeit pleasure instead of the real thing. Become one of the 2% who have learned to think differently, who therefore act differently and who consequently achieve different, far more successful results.

The biggest scam of all is letting fear determine how far you reach towards your summit of success. You only live once. Live big by nurturing Big Dreams, scaling Big Walls and reaching the Big Payoff. Come see more at

Author's Bio: 

David T. Blanchard is an authority on how people think. Over the past ten years, he has used his mathematically based and scientifically validated 7Laws Assessment to measure the individual and unique thought processes of over 3,000 people as accurately as a thermometer measures temperature.

During this 15,000 hours of research, he identified the seven thought processes seeking abundance all have in common and he identified two, those having to do with vivid visualization, that are constructively used by the 2% who know how to intentionally create their dreams in reality but which act as poison to the other 98% who typically escape and avoid their reality by trying to live in their dreams.

Blanchard is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and coach who was personally hand-picked by Bette Mandino, the widow of Og Mandino (author of The Greatest Salesman in the World), to carry on his mission of healing torn bodies and torn minds and to help people achieve the best within themselves.