Since from the beginning of earth, from the dawn of human race, the society itself has divided into two parts. The division was quite natural, no one has made it, but it was automatic. The division was of winners and losers, of Great person and an ordinary man. Every one admires, appreciate and salute the Great man. But does not keep any further relationship with an ordinary man, infect no sympathy. It may sound brutal, but this is the reality. And of course, you are born to be Great. Then why don’t you claim your birthright? Downright the question is how to recognize that power to claim my birthright? Well, I have written this article to answer this question. But before you read further, let me ask you a question,

Are you willing to do what has to be done to claim your birthright and to be a Great?

If YES, then welcome to the wonderful world of success.

Believe me or not, you have taken first step for your path to Greatness. As decision taking is the first step in order to be Great. Now, when you read picture these gateways as four big doors leading you to become a LIMIT LESS GREAT MAN as SKY’S NOT THE LIMIT FOR YOU.

Gateway # 1

To become fully in control of yourself, which is possible for you to be, you can not avoid looking at your own relationship to your body and your biology. If you honestly assess your situation in life, what else can you be on this earth but your body? And to take good care of your body you need to carefully watch what you eat. Because, You are what you eat. Take it this way, you could have the most beautiful racecar in the world, but if you try to run it on garbage, it’s not going to work. You can have the right car and right fuel, but the spark plugs are not working, you won’t get peak performance. Hence, start taking good care of yourself.

Gateway # 2

We all have animal instincts, I agree with this, but the point is we are not only animals, we are humans. Re-read the above line, twice, thrice till it is commited to your memory.Yes, we need to keep the animal fit, but we have to keep the human alive. Otherwise there is no difference between dog and me or you, or for that matter any living men. So, please try to be good human. Cultivate the natural principle in yourself like, Honesty. Boost your character. Don’t always think of yourself; sometimes take time to help someone, which in turn won’t repay you.

Gateway # 3

Now, since you have become a good animal and a good human, you are on your way to be a success. Before we go any further, please answer this critical question,

Where do you want to be five years down the line in your career?

Think deeply, and write your answer on a piece of paper. Now analyze very minutely. See where are you today, and what has to be done to reach there. Once you come up with answers, set goals, to achieve. In a separate piece of paper, write every goal, and its completion date. Now, prioritize your goal. And start taking action from this moment itself. Now on, whatever you do ask yourself, is this leading me towards my goal, or farther away? Then honestly follow the answer. This is the only road to success. Remember there are no shortcuts to success.

Gateway # 4

Once you start working hard to achieve your goal, you are on your way to greatness. The point is you will have to run an extra mile. And I am sure you are ready to move ahead. Simply stretch your human dimension a little further and you have done it. Once you have become good animal, good human, and a success for yourself, start thinking about your contribution to society. See what you can leave for your future generation. It can be anything, yes it can be your unique method of caring for yourself, which you want to teach to others, or it may be your unique method of multiplying numbers faster. It does not matter what you want to contribute. What matter is, you have contributed. Please take out the traditional thinking from your mind that to be great you have to gain respect from society, you need media coverage. Believe me, these are myths. If you have lived your life fully, and contributed for your society, you are great. Yes, you are great under the eyes of god, and nature,! which is worth living.

I hope this article will lead you to your birthright of being great. So, start taking action from this moment itself.In the mean time, please allow me to take leave. May god bless you.

Author's Bio: 

I am pursuing B.E.(Mechanical Enginering) and in the final year of graduation. Currently, I am working on my book Greatness-A Matter of Choice, which I am planning to publish very soon. The above material has been taken from the same.

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