There's an assumption that players who hit straighter in golf have a better golf swing. Maybe they do but keeping the ball on a straight line is not very difficult to achieve at all.

Many new players seem hell bent on clubbing the ball to death and trying to smack it as far as they can down the fairway. The idea is good but the execution is usually abysmal. A better golf swing is not one which is based on all the fury a player can generate into it but more a flow of the players natural action.

Hitting The Ball Straight

Yes, it's annoying when you're out with a group and you are spraying your ball all over the fairway. You're getting distance but getting yourself out of sticky situations is costing you dearly.

Then there's the player in the group who doesn't hit the ball as far as you but lands it on the fairway nine times out of ten. You admire his consistency but it really "peeves" you deep down.

Tension In The Arms

One of the main reasons players lose accuracy and distance is because of the tension in their arms at tee off. You need to be totally relaxed and that includes your arms.

The elbow is an often overlooked area of the swing motion which can have a big impact on not only how far the ball is ultimately delivered, but how straight it is played.

This drill is for right-handers but if your a lefty, simply treat it as if we're describing it to a left-hander.

- Make sure your right arm is loose as you line up your shot.

- It should feel flexible and the elbow needs to be slightly bent.

- As you go into your back swing, let the elbow bend naturally. By resisting this natural bend, your interfering with the natural flow of the swing.

- Let the elbow bend. Fighting it will shorten your swing motion. This is a major reason why players don't get distance.

- For an even better golf swing, practice this motion for several days before getting back on the fairways.

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