A short time ago, I was listening to co-workers discuss the current state of our economy, how it will effect people’s purchase decisions and the concern that our product and service prices are too high. The discussion reminded me of an old adage: If one person tells you, “You are a horse”, they’re probably crazy. If three people tell you, “You are a horse”, it’s probably a conspiracy. If ten people tell you, “You are a horse”...better go buy a saddle”.

In this struggling economy/recession, you can’t listen to the radio, watch television, or read a newspaper without getting bombarded with stories about money woes. In these times, I think we have to challenge the old “you better go buy a saddle” saying. You see, I believe that a “recession” is more perception than reality. Yes, real people are losing real jobs. They’re struggling to pay their bills, even losing their homes. However, even in a “recession”, there are plenty of people who still have jobs, who’ve been smart with their money and continue to live very normal lives.

As a savvy sales and business person, it’s up to you to view each sales opportunity wisely. It’s your own responsibility to find out who needs your product or service, why they need it and how to make it affordable for them. Don’t go buying that saddle just yet! Taking advantage of every opportunity you have to thrive in your business or industry will help you succeed, no matter the current state of our economy.

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Well known in the services industry for his high-volume tickets, record-breaking, tenacious, self-disciplined, and self-motivated selling and sales training style, Michael O'Grady is an accomplished Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Business Owner, aspiring Sales Coach, Independent Consultant and Entrepreneur. During his 20-year sales career, he has set and achieved many industryand personal records as well as his personal and professional goals. He is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same.