Looking for the Best Treadmill Value? The treadmill market is growing more and more crowded each year, with new models, new brands and new advances in treadmill technology. It can be extremely confusing to sift through all your options.

How do you find the treadmill that offers you the best value? By knowing what to look for.

This article will give you 4 key attributes of high value treadmills so you can make an informed decision and find the best treadmill value for you.

#1 High Powered Well Built Motor - The motor is the heart of your treadmill. You need to have a treadmill with sufficient motor power or else you'll quickly burn the motor out (and start paying through the nose to fix it).

Motor power is measured by Horsepower (or HP for short). Most treadmills range from 1.5 HP to 3.0 HP. You want at least a 2.0 HP Continuous duty motor - preferably higher. Remember that the more strenuously you plan to use the treadmill, the more power you're going to need.

#2 Excellent Cushioning - Cushioning is the ability of the treadmill to absorb the force of your step. Cushioning is extremely important because it protects your knees, hips, ankles and back.

Cheap cushioning means possible injury or muscle strains - especially if you're a runner. Look for a good cushioning system built into your treadmill. It's also important to make sure you wear proper, high quality running shoes for even more protection.

#3 Lengthy Warranty - An excellent warranty is a great indicator of the best treadmill values. It gives you an indication of the quality of parts used in construction.

So for example the 90 day warranty that covers your cheap department store treadmill does not indicate high value. A treadmill that comes with a lifetime frame, 10+ years on the motor, 2+ years on parts and 1 year on labor does indicate a higher value machine.

#4 High Stability - According to Runner's World, stability is the most important factor when choosing a treadmill. You don't want a treadmill that shakes or wobbles when you pick up your pace.

What factors make up a highly stable treadmill? Unit Weight - the higher weight the machine, the more anchoring you've got and in general, the more stable a treadmill.

Construction also contributes to stability. A highly regarded treadmill brand will often make more stable treadmills than a brand known for making cheaper units.

User weight capacity is another indicator of stability. For example a treadmill with a 300 lb user weight capacity is usually more stable than a treadmill with a 250 lb user weight capacity.

So those are 4 key factors that make up high value treadmills. Other factors you might want to look at are:

Belt size - make sure it's long enough to accommodate your stride. Average height users will be fine with a regular size belt (up to 52" long). However runners or taller users may want to get a longer belt (55-60").

Workout programs and other extras - if you get bored easily you might want a treadmill with lots of workout programs. Some treadmills even offer built in TV's, iPod stations and built-in speakers. It really depends on what you want.

And while you generally get what you pay for with treadmills - higher end machines are usually built much better than economy models - you can still get a great deal on a high value treadmill.

With more competition and experience, many treadmill manufacturers are building more value into their treadmills. By knowing what to look for - and what you personally need - you're assured of getting the best treadmill value for you.

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Kathryn ONeill writes for Treadmill Reviews - a consumer oriented website focusing on the home treadmill market. We offer treadmill brand reviews, product reviews and the latest best buys.

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