1) Identify what will give you fulfillment in life, so you know what to guide your life towards.

2) Evaluate how well you are getting this at present - the starting point on your journey.

3) Set objectives which support you in being fulfilled today, and which motivate and focus you towards achieving your desires for the future.

4) Plan how you are going to achieve these objectives, so that you work towards them in the most effective way.

5) Organise your time so that you:
- consistently take the actions you have planned.
- live each day to the full, whatever your circumstances.

6) Regularly review your progress, so you continuously learn from your experiences and can change your plans to ensure they continue to move you towards the future you desire.

Author's Bio: 

Nick Best is an author, speaker and personal development coach. If you would like more information on the Management Of Life's six steps to success and how to make them work for you, e-mail him at nickbest@managementoflife.com, and he will send you an overview of the process. Other selected chapters of his book 'The Management Of Life' can be found on his website www.managementoflife.com.