Benzene is a sweet smelling, clear chemical that looks as placid as it is toxic!

Benzene is widely used in a number of products. It is also a naturally occurring chemical. So, most people are exposed to varying amounts of benzene in their lives and are none the worse for wear. However, people who are continuously exposed to high concentration of benzene fumes develop a number of diseases over a period of time.

Benzene exposure takes place from manmade products that contain high levels of benzene. Sources include detergents, solvents, dyes, synthetic fibers, paint, rubber and resins, among others. Coming into contact with the chemical causes it to be absorbed through the pores in the skin. People working in high risk jobs include refinery workers, painters, gasoline distributors, rubber workers and leather workers. People working in the petroleum industry are also at high risk because they inhale the noxious vapors released from solvents.

Benzene is associated with a number of health disorders and can cause respiratory problems, blood disorders and skin ailments. Benzene has been classified as a Class A carcinogenic and exposure can cause a number of cancers like Leukemia.

In the past, many companies were aware of the link between benzene exposure and ill health. In fact, the first reports about suspected benzene exposure came out in the 1800s. In spite of this, many workers are still left to work with this chemical without adequate protection. In fact, in the 1960s, an estimated 1.5 billion gallons of benzene was produced in the US alone. Little wonder that workplace benzene exposure has increased steadily and that the number of deaths associated with benzene exposure is climbing.

Experienced benzene cancer lawyers can help people affected by exposure put together a strong lawsuit. Even families of those people who have passed away as a result of exposure may be entitled to compensation. Already, a number of multi-million dollar lawsuits have compensated those that have been affected by exposure. Lawyers also help affected people cope with their pain by hooking them up with support groups and organizations.

Compensation awarded as a result of successful lawsuits may vary from case to case and state to state. The amount also depends on the level of health damage suffered due to exposure. However, the aim is to cover factors like medical costs, loss of income and suffering.

Although monetary compensation cannot expunge the loss of a life, it can help reduce the burden caused by mounting medical bills or the sudden cessation of income. This can provide financial stability for those left behind to battle with difficult times ahead.

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