Transcript of a Teleconference with Relocation Astrologer, Cait Benten, July 23, 2004

Cait’s note to readers: I chose to publish the question and answer segment of this teleconference because it included key questions you might wish to ask me about relocation astrology (which is: regular astrology with an emphasis on the usually-overlooked, yet essential, locational aspects.)

CAIT — I think were all here on the call now. Thanks for dialing in.

Let’s start out with a brief question and answer session before we look at your individual charts and do a some actual relocations.

So, anyone who wants to speak, please go ahead and ask me any questions you want.

BRIANNA — Cait, hi, and thanks for inviting me. I’ve heard this kind of astrology called “astrocartography.” Is Astro-Earth-Relocation the same as astrocartography?

CAIT — Hi, Brianna. I called my business Astro-Earth-Relocation, because I like the idea of bringing relocation astrology down to earth — to make it grounded and practical.

My own specialized area, which is known as relocation astrology is an emerging service.

Relocation astrologers analyze the birth chart of an individual, just like “regular” astrologers, but then we look at that same chart located to different areas of the country and, sometimes, other places in the world.

Relocation astrology is a lot more complex and — from my experience — a whole lot more useful and valuable than astrocartography.

Brianna, have you ever seen an astrocartography map?

BRIANNA — I had one of those astrology maps run off from a computer a couple of years ago. But I couldn’t understand it.

CAIT — Astrocartography charts were really popular a few years ago. I had one of them back in the 1980s.

Now I have the professional software to make those same line-maps. But I really don’t use them very often.

If you go to my bio on the website you can read about my personal experiences — well, they were sort of disasters — before I learned “the ropes” of relocation astrology. I innocently counted on the information on the astrocartograpy chart to make major moves across the country. Let’s say I learned relocation astrology the hard way (laughter).

So now, as a professional, I work with the wheel charts.

BRIANNA — Okay, thanks, I have my birth chart here in front of me.

CAIT — As I and other astrologers discovered, the best way to work with a birth chart in terms of relocation is to actually “move” or “roll” the entire chart wheel — one like you have there, Brianna, divided into twelve sections, or houses — to other latitudes and longitudes.

Then I carefully study every detail of the “new” wheel charts for financial flow and all the other lifestyle aspects you’re looking for, such as: relationships and the good feeling of being “at home” in that place.

Unfortunately, there are the so-called astrologers popping up with websites that sell “relocation astrology reports.” I’ve ordered a few copies off the web, just to check them out.

The bad news for people who buy those is that the computerized “relocation reports” are missing almost everything a professional relocation astrologer looks at. For example, we focus on the second house and its planetary contents and the fourth house and its planetary contents. And that’s just for starters. There’s nothing much about those essential houses on one of the “cheapy” relocation reports from an automated website.

Computerized relocation reports may be accurate, but they tell you only a tiny, tiny little part of the relocation chart story.

It’s sort of like….you order yourself a new car…and the dealer delivers one headlamp and tells you, “Here’s the new car you sent for!.”

We’ll it may be an excellent headlamp. It may be the best headlamp in the world. But it’s only a headlamp.

The rest of your new car is obviously missing in action. The new headlamp, by itself, can’t take you anywhere.

As a relocation astrologer I do all I can to — through full, detailed processes — deliver “the whole new car” to you.

It’s a lot of work. It’s complex. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But the results are rewarding to my clients. And I love doing it.

IAN — Do you have a favorite client you could tell us about?

A.. Sure. I stay in touch with my clients as much as possible. So I could give you dozens and dozens of success stories, Ian.

Ummm, yes, I have one that comes to mind. And it’s a good one, because she fits the age and career profile of the participants on this teleconference.

I’ll tell you about a young business professional woman who was living in the Dallas, Texas, area. And, to protect her privacy, I’d like to call her “Cassie.”

“Cassie” was going through a really bad time, a devastating divorce and she was also facing downsizing at her job. Double whammy. Cassie was just about at the “end of her rope” emotionally. Plus, she was looking at being in trouble financially.

I looked at Cassie’s birth chart — which happened to be overseas — and then looked at her chart relocated to her city in Texas.

Next I looked for her “best places.”

From a relocation standpoint, Cassie’s birth chart really shifted into focus financially and looked great socially as soon as I “placed it” in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

And there really weren’t any other great choices I could find because of some difficult planetary aspects unique to Cassie’s chart.

Colorado Springs turned out to be a lucky break, because Cassie always loved to visit the mountains up in that area.

After our relocation session, Cassie got super excited about putting together a whole new life for herself. She went right into action and — as soon as her divorce was final — she moved to Colorado Springs.

Cassie contacts me by e-mail every few weeks to report about meeting new friends and how different her life is now she’s living in a place that works for her.

If we had lots more time, I could go on and on with great client stories. One more quick question, and then let’s look at your charts. Okay?

MATT — Cait, what do you enjoy most about your work?

CAIT — I love doing what we’re doing tonight — looking at the possibilities to enhance your life experiences through relocation astrology. I’m blessed by incredible clients who contact me each week and by the opportunity to be of practical service to great people.

All right, so now, thanks for your questions. Let’s get out your natal charts and begin looking at them in terms of the locations you’ve lived and those places you’re interested in…..

(At this point the group began a charting session by phone and Internet messaging).

Author's Bio: 

Cait Benten specializes in the areas of astrology known as Relocation Astrology, Astrological Relocation, and/or Locational Astrology (some call it Astrocartography, but Cait explains why that title gives only a glimpse of the scope of the work of an actual relocation astrologer). Cait gives phone, e-mail, and recorded sessions to her clients.