He has awoken us to our greatest power.

Are you Presidential in your own life?

What better time is there than to ask this question? I highly encourage you to watch Obama victory speech if you haven't already.

His victory speech is very powerful! One of the many things he said was this "I will listen to you especially when we disagree." This statement rocked me.

I raise this question to you... are you willing to listen to YOU especially when you disagree with where you are in your life?

Please take a moment to answer these questions for yourself. Does your truth bubble up, but than you dismiss it because of fear or some limiting belief? Are you willing to listen to your answer and take action in the midst of fear and confusion?

We learn our truth, the very truth that will set us free and head us towards living our best life when we disagree with what should or shouldn't be/the only if's/ I can't because/ etc.

It is in the darkness we see our light. Can you hear your truth and commit to action to create the change you desire? Are you willing to stick with it even if it will take some time to reach your goal?

Are you ready to be Presidential in your own life? Being Presidential is a decision you make just like you did when you voted. Do you live with conviction and belief in you and your life? Here are some tips on being a leader and being Presidential in your own life.

* Seek your truth and respond to it. Listen to your voice it is powerful and full of the best answer for you.

* Take ownership and be accountable to yourself.

* Have a deep sense of desire, belief, persistency and commitment to you and your goals.

* Show up and actively participate in your life.

* Don't react take effective action. Do it now and ask yourself how you can do it better.

* Be visionary develop a strategic plan. Answer this... to get the results I want I must take the following actions. In order to feel a certain way I must think the following thoughts.

* Seek higher performance your truest potential.

* Remind yourself that fear is just a illusion.

* Recognize the only obstacle in your way is the obstacle you create.

* Acknowledge that you already have everything you need to get the job done.

* Utilize your leadership skills to get the results you want.

* See what you want to see and be the change you want.

* Look for the possibilities and opportunities. They are always available to you.

* Always believe in yourself. You can!

* Have fun and create laughter. Enjoy your one precious life.

"I am asking you to believe not just in my abilities in Washington. I'm asking you to believe in yours". Obama.

Much Love,

Karen Fagan
Master Certified Life Coach

Author's Bio: 

Master Certified Life Coach
Karen lives in Portland Maine and is passionate about being a life coach. She empowers people to live their best life.