“The times they are a changing..” , again. I recently attended a networking breakfast with Steve Levy, New York Suffolk County Executive, headlining and Jean Kelly, Executive Director of the Interfaith Nutrition Network, receiving honors. Mr. Levy spoke of the necessity of “non-partisan activism” and the necessity for us all to have “a sense of boldness and balance”. The real estate agent, mortgage broker, advertising executive, account executive, banker, photographer, magician and I sitting together at a breakfast table, looked at each other, acknowledging the truth and power in Mr. Levy’s statement. I am aligned with this, both personally and professionally. My work as a professional coach and speaker advocates inner strength, and being centered and balanced are keys to happiness and success.

Financial and employment figures are changing every day. It is crucial to stay personally balanced and centered, in order to make powerful decisions and choices. Mr. Levy spoke about the subject on everyone’s mind: our shaky economy. Yes, history repeats itself, and he feels our country is in a better position now to rise out of a “recession” than in the past. Being calm in the midst of chaos can be challenging. Keeping yourself positive in a negative environment takes a lot of “inner” work.
In these trying times, it is especially important to pay attention to the positive aspects in your life, create a “grateful” list, and reach out to others less fortunate.

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Eileen Lichtenstein, MS.Ed. is the founder and director of Balance and Power: www.balanceandpower.com, offering innovative training, speaking and coaching in the realm of stress management/reduction, effective communication and work-life balance for individuals and groups. Her unique style includes integratation of mind/body modalities to develop strategies for success.