The behavior of children with developmental problems is not the core problem for the child. It is often a very important problem for families, caregivers, and schools. For instance, the hyperactive and impulsive behaviors of some of these children are quite difficult to manage.

Just think of what needs to be managed in a classroom with a hyperactive child.

• The child's behavior,
• The impact that behavior has on the other children, the physical space, and all the things in that space,
• The behavioral reactions of the other children in the classroom,
• The emotional reactions of the other children, the teachers, and caregivers,
• And, at the same time, the teacher still has to manage all the children in the class learning some specific educational content or process.

It is easy to understand why schools often demand that hyperactive children be tested and then put on medication. In many cases, parents of hyperactive children are required by the school (as a condition for continued attendance in the school) to medicate their child.

Behavior is a symptom of the problem.

In these conditions, it is hard to think of the hyperactivity as a symptom of the problem. Hyperactivity is certainly a problem that has to be managed in this situation. But, the core problem is not the hyperactivity. The core problem is the stuck developmental process. The really sad thing is that none of the normal treatment programs (including the medications) do anything that fixes the stuck developmental process.

A blocked developmental process is the problem.

Getting the developmental process back on track should be the main focus of all treatment plans for children with developmental problems. If these children were able to get their developmental process working correctly, they would work through all of the developmental steps they are stuck in or they have missed. They would grow up. They would not display any of the symptoms which characterize their developmental problems.

If their developmental process was re-started and the children were nurtured through their formerly blocked or missed developmental steps, they would not have their 'inappropriate' behaviors which are the reason for their diagnoses. For those hyperactive children in the classroom, they would stop being hyperactive. If they stopped being hyperactive, the parent’s and teacher’s problems are greatly reduced.

Professionals have clearly demonstrated that when the developmental process is unblocked, it starts to operate again. After their developmental process gets re-started, these children start moving through their stuck or missed developmental stages. They catch up with their peers. They eventually become age-appropriate. They mature in a normal process. Depending on the severity of the developmental problem, they may take anywhere from 4 months to 18 months to become age-appropriate. In this process, they lose the behaviors that were used to award these children their diagnoses. They stop having developmental problems, because they develop appropriately.

The problem for parents is that no one seems to know how to unblock and re-start the developmental process. The professionals they consult do not know that the developmental process can be unblocked and re-started; they continue with their belief that there is no cure for developmental problems. So, parents do not get information about this possibility. They do not learn that it is possible.

Where is the research?

There is no published, peer-reviewed research about this. You will probably have to wait for at least 20 years before the research cycle has been completed for this. The reason it takes so long for this cycle, is that those who will review (in the peer-review process) do not believe it will ever be possible to unblock and re-start the developmental process. They will be pre-disposed to reject the research, instead of approving it for publication.

What should parents do?

Many parents have been told that there is no cure so they have stopped searching. Those who continue searching are aware that all of the currently accepted programs and treatments simply attempt to reduce symptoms and do nothing to resolve the problem in the developmental process. They are also aware that any solution for their child will be found in alternative programs.

The behavior is only a symptom. But, most programs and treatment plans are directed toward the symptoms. Managing, controlling, and stopping the symptoms is the 'normal' goal of these programs and plans. They do nothing to work on the core issue of the stuck developmental process.

The only appropriate solution for developmental problems is to re-start the developmental process. This will not happen with any known psychological, behavioral, or medical program or treatment. It can only happen with a program that is outside the norm. Parents need to try solutions that are outside-the-box.

Author's Bio: 

Rodger C Bailey has degrees in Social Science/Anthropology and Educational Counseling. His international consulting program (in English and Spanish), is the only program which targets the developmental process and consistently gets it back on track. You can read more articles on this subject on his Blog.