I asked a psychic once “How many past lives have I had” to which she replied “28”. Wow 28 really? That may explain a few things about me and my current life, which I will go into detail later.

So how did I even get to the point of asking the psychic that question in the first place? It started many years ago with reading my first book on the subject “Only Love is Real” and “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, which I highly recommend to get you started if you are not familiar with this subject. These books will help you have a greater understanding of some of your current life situations. You can purchase these books on Amazon.com.

Some time after that, I was hypnotized and revisited some past life experiences. I have also done a past life regression by myself. So what have I uncovered? Well, not all 28 past lives, but they say the most current past life and the most traumatic may come up first. All in all, I have visited approximately 10 past lives through hypnotherapy, psychics, and my own past life regression, some of which I will reveal to you later in this article.

But first, to get you started quickly and easily on your own path to becoming your own past life detective, here are some of the things that you can do on your own that are real easy to get started with, and then later on I will explain how you can go more in-depth with this.

Make A List of Clues

Make a list of things that you are most attracted to now, or think back to your childhood, what were some items, or decorations that you absolutely loved and had to have. Something in you said, “I have to have this”, or it could be something that you have always loved and treasured.

Another good idea is to list all the Halloween costumes that you wore that you really liked, not something your parents made you wear that you did not care for. I wonder about food. What kind of foods do you absolutely love list them here. How about the type of music that you are drawn to, that you feel most moved by. I have some movies that I really love, that take place in certain time periods, Braveheart, Pride and Prejudice, and Moulin Rouge to name a few. Some past life physical illnesses can also find there way into some chronic illnesses in your current life situation, something that you cannot quite find any answers to, such as panic attacks, unknown fears, etc.

Do not sensor anything, just list whatever comes to mind, go ahead and do that now. I believe that some things you are attracted to in this life, you may have had in another. To help you become your own past life detective, I will give you a list of some of my items:

1940’s Fashion – I love the style of Joan Crawford’s mink coats with big broad shoulders that she wore in several of her movies made in the 1940’s. I actually bought a faux one just like it back in the 1980’s from Casual Corners. I almost bought a telephone styled from the 1940’s from Spiegel Catalog back in the 1990’s. I also love the 1940’s style of shoes, charm bracelets, swing band music, and you can often find me watching old black and white movies from the 1940’s on the TCM channel.

The style of wedding dress when I got married in 1984 could be taken right out of a scene from Gone with the Wind. It was the 1st dress I picked out for my future sister-in-law to try on (she had a whole year to plan, where as I knew only 6 months ahead when we decided to get married) she tried it on, and I took one look at it and lit up, I had to have it. That was it for me I never looked at another dress.

I have a print of this painting in my kitchen. It is Michael Delacroix 1890’s Paris. I saw it in our NYC office at my last job, and I absolutely had to have it. I have never been interested in art or paintings but this I had to have, and I saved up just to get it!

Native American Indian culture. I have a beaded headband that I got from the State Fair in Syracuse, NY at the Indian Exhibit when I was about 10-12 years old. My grandmother used to call me her little Indian girl, because of the way I looked when I wore my hair braids. I am currently interested Native American culture, their teachings, healings, herbs, and natural remedies.

Pocket watches – I have been tempted to buy these several times, in flea markets and antique stores. I get all excited when I see them on the Antiques Road Show.

Mantle clocks – I have one which I love hearing the sound of the chimes marking the quarter hours. It is another item I get excited to see on Antiques Road Show.

I been a gypsy for Halloween twice, once as a child and once as a grown up.

My sense of decorating is very Romantic Victorian including jacquard print decorations, and I have always been attracted to cabbage roses.

Every time I see vintage jewelry like a hanging monocle’s or pin watches there is a familiarity with them.

Foods – I love Italian, and mostly plain bread like type foods, NOT spicy (no Mexican, Chinese, etc.)

If I were to travel anywhere, I would like to go to Ireland or Scotland, I love the lush green mountains and hills, it reminds me somewhat of where I live now with mountains and hills (could not live anywhere flat or barren).

I always wanted a mink muffler when I was a little girl.

Music: Mozart, classical, country, salsa, swing, Celtic bagpipes, and big band.

Digging Deeper to Find the Finer Details of Your List

Now that you have your list, what do you do with it? Try and put the items that are similar in the year in which they may have existed together, such as my many items listed under 1940’s Fashion. Now, we are going to do a little past life detective work. What were the time periods / years associated with your items above. The easy ones for me would be 1890’s Paris painting from Michael Delacroix, and 1940’s Fashion items.

For the items listed that I am not sure about the year in which they existed, I would have to search on the internet, in such places as www.google.com, www.yahoo.com, www.msn.com, www.google.com/images, http://en.wikipedia.org, www.ask.com, etc. Let us take my wedding dress, I typed “Gone with the Wind” into http://en.wikipedia.org and read the following information:

“The story opens on a large cotton plantation named Tara in rural Georgia in 1861, on the eve of the American Civil War.”

There could be a few years before, and after 1861 in which women wore big lacey three hoop gowns, like my wedding dress, but you get the general idea and the time period.

Of course not all items are going to easily produce a specific time period using the web search technique, such as my Native American interest, because there is a longer range of time periods in which they lived, and I may have had more than one life time in that culture. Finding more specific years for these types of items, would be better found through that of a qualified past life hypnotist, or your own past life regression through the use of CD’s from Brian Weiss.

You are now beginning to put the pieces of your past lives together through the exercise above, which is a good start. Now that your interest has been peaked, read some of the books I have suggested, go have a past life regression done, or do your own. It will give you a greater understanding of you and your relationships in this life.

Some of My Past Lives Revisited

Here are some of my past life experiences, as they were revealed to me over several years. With a little effort using the search engines on the web, I was able to fill in some of the missing information regarding span of years in which some of my past lives have taken place. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and a sometimes part medium, which has helped confirmation for me, some of my own past life regression sessions.

  • Frederick and Matthew: My husband and son now. I was told by a psychic that we were together at a camp during the American Civil War. We were located in a southern state by the ocean (I felt like it would have been North Carolina). My husband and son were soldiers together (I can see that now, they have a great affection for each other – quite like “buddies”) I was working there as a nurse.

    To fill in the blanks above with some dates, I looked up information on the “American Civil War”, since that was referenced, and linked my husband now and then to my list above where I mentioned my wedding dress that reminded me of “Gone with the Wind” on www.wikipedia.com and www.google.com. This is what I found while writing this article (I was never big on history facts of figures).

    “The American Civil War took place between 1861-1865 . . . North Carolina provided an important source of soldiers, supplies, and war material to the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.”

    “Gone With the Wind” - The story opens on a large cotton plantation named Tara in rural Georgia in 1861, on the eve of the American Civil War.

    That may explain my why I picked the “Gone with the Wind” wedding dress to my husband in this life, because we were together around 1861 when the American Civil War, and “Gone With the Wind” was taking place.

    By the way, when I first saw Frederick, before we even spoke, I heard myself say, in the back of my mind, this is the man I am going to marry. I have had two other past lives that I could recall with my husband Frederick. One in which we where in Roman dress (I still need to research this one in more detail) and one in where he was a king or prince of some sort ruling his people and I was his wife, I adored him, and looked up to him (as I do in this life with utter awe and amazement – even though we have had a tempestuous relationship in our younger years together – see my article on love and forgiveness we have been married 23 years, and that is a whole other story in itself), in that life, I took care and helped heal animals.

  • Nancy: My mentor, teacher, and healer in this life. I began my spiritual and healing journey with Nancy; she opened my eyes to many new and exciting things. She has many Native American paintings and decorations that she has created that I also like. See my list above regarding interest in Native American culture. She revealed to me that in a past life she was a Native American Indian healer in which she (a he at the time) led her people to death, because she would not take advice from a younger person of the tribe that tried to help her. I felt that when she was telling me, that it was me in that life trying to help her. She has brought me many simplistic answers to me in this life, and I would like to feel that I have also helped her in hers.
  • Kallie: My daughter now. I had a past life regression to find out why I was having pain in my ovaries over the course of several years, with nothing physically seriously wrong (It could have been on my list above under chronic illnesses). I recalled in a past life giving birth and being in heavy labor, I can see myself lying on a hard wooden bench looking down towards my feet. No medication. A see a lady with a white sheet like hat over her head, she is my mid-wife, and her name is Ester. Nobody I know in this life. The baby is stillborn (Kallie in this life) I am so upset and alone with nobody there to help me. A recurring theme in most my past lives.

    I struggled long and hard in this life with my first daughter’s birth but she was not coming after 44 hours of labor, and only 4 centimeters dilated, I had a C-section and then two more after that. My friend Nancy said that is probably why my children were not born naturally in this life, because I had such a bad experience before with the stillbirth.

  • Linda: Was my psychic/medium friend. I had asked her what our past lives where together during one of our sessions, to which she replied “We were gypsies” (see my list above where I said I was a gypsy for Halloween two times). I can definitely see now how we were gypsies together in a past life and this life; we could create some powerful positive energy together. We traveled together in this life and had free and easy younger years.
  • Kellie: I was told by a psychic/medium that this friend of mine in this life, was a servant of mine in a past life, she became an invalid, and I helped her because she could not walk. It was much the same in this life, except I knew going into it, that I would be helping her without expecting anything in return, and that it would be a short lasting relationship because I would be helping her “move on her way” and she did.

What I hope you may gain from reliving your own past lives, digging them up, and experiencing them, is that they can help you put your own current life into perspective, and give you a possible resolution to a current situation. It has shown me that often time’s roles are reversed in the next life time together, in order to show us the meaning of compassion and understanding, of walking in another’s shoes. Often times, the situation in this current life, can be resolved by understanding it, forgiving it, and by doing that, never having to go through that experience again.

Be Well

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