Change does not happen on its own. As much as you might wish your life would suddenly take a turn for the better, no one is going to ride up on a white horse and lead you into the land of happily ever after. That does not mean you cannot live the fantastic life you dream about. Instead, it means that you are the person responsible for making that life happen.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Actions speak louder than words?" It does not matter how much you talk about wanting your life to be different. You either are, or are not, taking the appropriate actions to create that life. Its one thing to say you want something, but quite another to put movement with those words. If you want change, don't just tell yourself what you want, put some movement into your decision. Criticizing yourself, feeling bad, or saying you are sorry will not create transformation. A change in behavior creates a change in results.

To make your dream a reality, you can learn from the experiences of highly successful people. They have a habit of defining what they really want, making a plan, and then taking simple, specific steps to get it. With a plan, focus, determination, and a positive attitude, anyone - including you - can reach their goals.

Choose a Forward Direction
First, take the time to dream. Engage your imagination and define your dream in a positive forward moving manner. For example, it is not enough to say, "I don't want to be stuck making these same food choices" or, "I don't want to be depressed or bored anymore." Instead, flip your statements around into a positive, achievable goal. You might say, "I choose to make eating decisions that expand my happiness" or, "I choose to do whatever I can to teach myself how to be optimistic and passionate about my own life." Making these types of forward movement statements clarifies your direction and helps you accept personal responsibility for bringing your dreams to life.

Break it Down
For your dream to come true, of course you have to take action! Once you have determined the direction of your life, nothing changes until you take action move in that general direction. It is up to you to find the most doable step for this moment and take it. Why the smallest steps? Several reasons. First, each step you take moves you forward toward your desired outcome. If you choose a step that is too big, you won't take action, and you won't move forward. A small step is better than no movement at all. Secondly, a small step helps you gain confidence, energy, and motivation. You feel good that you moved forward. You feel more confident than you did before. Because of your small first step, you are now ready for the second step.

Follow Through With Your Word to Yourself
Another reason that you choose a small step is to ensure that you follow through with your promises to yourself. Your dream is important to you, and you want to feel good as you move forward. When you say you are going to take action and then don't, you dishonour and disrespect yourself. You will not feel good physically, mentally, or emotionally when you commit to taking action and then do the opposite. You would be furious if a friend gave you a promise and then didn't follow through. Yet we tolerate this personal dishonesty when we do it to ourselves. The action of not following through "speaks" that what you want and who you are is not worthy of your own respect. Again, remember your dream is important, and choose small, doable actions that are right for right now. Choose an action that feels good and right, and then follow through.

Action Challenge:
Take a few minutes and list several of the smallest steps that will move you slightly forward into the life you want. Find easy, "Yes, I could - and would - do this action today" steps. Choose actions that are the right size: small enough that they do not overwhelm, but large enough to feel exciting. Then, be your own knight in shining armor by showing up in your life and taking that one doable step.You will feel great that did!

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