When there are hordes of people chilling out on the beaches how can you make a style statement? It’s not the swim wear, or goggles or figures-it’s the beach cruiser bikes that are in demand across crowded beaches. Everyone will give way to the cruise biker on the trendy bike. One can take cool bike rides along the coast or on the beach. They are especially designed to suit the beach riders during the day or night. The new lot of bikes is very stylish and made creatively. The lowrider seats are common in urban areas. Many young adults have purchased their new beach cruiser bikes at online stores.

Youngsters love adding their own ting. And some of these bikes are painted beautifully and have accessories that spell iconic statements of the riders. Each is made unique by the owner. Every bike can also be customized according to the choice of the user. The low rider bikes have comfortable seating arrangements, shock absorbers and smooth tires to help riders move around with sufficient speed. If the same bike has to be used on other surfaces like rods or dirt tracks then multiple speeds can be installed also. So it can become an all terrain bike. Thee bikes have been developed from the traditional bikes and are now adapted to suit the beaches. They are light weight and comfortable to ride. Their speed limits ensure maximum safety in crowded beaches. Since the 1950s it has been a favorite summer vacation accessory.

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