You are psychic. Yes, you!

You can predict exactly what's coming to you. It's easy!

Before you decide I'm off my rocker, listen up.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law, just like the law of gravity - and it works whether you believe it or not. You are attracting things to you in every moment - mostly by default. But you can attract things by design.

There are three parts to the Law of Attraction.

Ask for what you'd like.
You are answered (every time)

Sounds easy, right? And it is. Especially as you only need concern yourself with two of the three steps. Here they are:

First, Ask for what you'd like. What WOULD you really like? You may not be used to giving this too much thought. Children ask for stuff all the time. They don't tell themselves they can't have it - they leave that to the adults who have forgotten. They ask and they ask and they drive you crazy asking.

So, what specifically do you choose to have in your life? What is one thing right now? Imagine you now have this thing you've chosen - or this way of being you've chosen. How do you feel? Really get into the feeling of this outcome. You should be feeling pretty excited right now. The more feeling, the more passion you can put into it, the faster it will come to you. This is the first of two parts of the Law of Attraction that you need to do.

And especially important: don't concern yourself with how it's all going to happen. You'll never be able to figure that out because it's none of your business!

Next, You are answered. The Universe will answer - nothing you need to do. The Universe answers every time.

Then, You receive - the last part of the Law of Attraction you have any control over. And this is where Feng Shui becomes a powerful tool for transformation.

What you'll receive is determined by your thoughts and feelings. What you have in your life right now - the circumstances, the challenges - are not who you are. They're who you were. They reflect where your energy and focus were in the past.

Where your energy and focus is in this very moment is what's on it's way to you.

When you feel good you know what you're thinking and feeling right now is in alignment with who you are. You know you'll feel good with what's coming your way.

When you feel bad, well, you can imagine! That's warning bells! Focusing on that pile of debts in front of you will bring more of them - and fast if you put a powerful emotion into them, such as fear.

The higher you can raise your energy and remind yourself of where you're going, the faster it will come to you. This is where your environment can be such a powerful alley.

Imagine, your home is your sanctuary. The energy flows freely and you have a feeling of peace, of being supported. You sit in your favorite chair with your beverage of choice and look around you. What you see brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your heart. You feel at home. You feel inspired and excited about your life. You are surrounded by things you love that remind you of your dreams.

You absorb the energy and vibrations of who and what you surround yourself with and you attract more of the same. Feng Shui makes makes attraction even more powerful as you make choices about what you attract. With Feng Shui you anchor your intention in your environment. That also anchors the energy of what you're choosing, in your body and helps you become a magnet.

Your home mirrors what you think, feel and experience. When I look at your floor plan or go into your home I can tell you what is probably going on with your finances, your relationships, your energy. It's that connected.

There are two ways to look at it. Ask yourself:

Does the energy in my home flow? Does it inspire and energize me, or do I feel lethargic and overwhelmed? Llook at specific areas such as the Wealth & Prosperity area to find out what you'll get more of. Look for clutter and symbols of scarcity.
What are you predominantly feeling and thinking right now? - that will tell you what's on it's way.

This is where the psychic bit comes in - you don't need to go visit a psychic. You can be your own psychic - you can tell exactly what is coming your way by what you're thinking and how you're feeling. The good news is that that if you don't what those thoughts and feelings to bring you more of the same, you can change them.

Next, some tools for ensuring you get more of what you do want and less of what you don't!

Tips for boosting the power of the Law of Attraction to live your life by design.

1. Ask for what you'd like - set an intention for yourself each day. Really feel what it feels like now you have this outcome. Focus on where you're going, not on what's in front of you. Ask for something bigger. There is no scale of difficulty in the Universe - it's your own thoughts and feelings that attract something or stop it coming. Visualize and feel what you'd like to have, each day.

2. Know there is no chance you can figure out how something will happen. Don't even start. And especially know that the Universe will orchestrate things way better than you ever could.

3. Enlist the support of your environment to ensure your energy is aligned with what you are choosing to bring into your life. Attraction largely comes down to feelings - the more you can raise your energy and feel passionate about what you'd like in your life, the easier and faster it will come to you. It's important the energy in your environment is in alignment with what you want so it can support you rather than working against you.

Clutter: ask yourself these questions.

do I love it?
do I use it?
does this represent where I’m going in life?
Does it make my heart sing?

Clutter will bog you down, steal your dreams and make you feel lethargic. Energy cannot move freely through clutter - it's just not possible.

Anchor your intention in your environment. Surround yourself with images, objects, colors and anything else that will evoke the feelings of what you are choosing for yourself. A picture, object or color that raises your energy and reminds you of where you are going is to be cherished. Want to go to a cooking school in Tuscany? Surround yourself with Italian cookbooks, maps of Tuscany, Italian olive oil, an Italian phrase book - and soak up the feeling of being there.

Take a look at the relevant area of the Bagua. The Bagua is an energy template that shows you where different aspects of your life are represented in your home. If your desire is financial, start with the Wealth & Prosperity area - whatever you have there is what you'll attract more of as that's the energy you're absorbing.

Create a gratitude journal and keep it in the Wealth & Prosperity area of your home or of a room such as your bedroom or work space. Expressing gratitude will immediately shift your energy into alignment with the energy of abundance. Find out how to map the Bagua and what each area represents here.

4. Watch for synchronicity and listen for messages. Remember the Universe is answering your wish. Give yourself the space to hear the messages and to know which actions to take when you get an idea. Go for the ones you feel most passionate about. Passion has magic.Once you've asked for what you want, all you really need do is allow yourself to feel what it's like having your desire. Then take the actions you'll be inspired to take. Your environment will give the Law of Attraction a shot of power.

By changing your environment you change your life. The Universe is an abundant place and your abundance is waiting for you.

©2007 All Rights Reserved - Vicky White

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Vicky White is the go-to-gal when it comes to Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction. With her expertise and gentle nature, she helps women feel empowered and clear about what they're doing in their lives - even during difficult transition periods. Get her free report, "The 5 Biggest Attraction Mistakes: and How You Can Avoid them" and see what manifests in your life!