Get ready for a different read! This book lives up to its name – Be Different Be You invites you to take a journey of self-discovery that no other self-help or personal growth book does. It does this by possibly challenging the very core of your belief system and shows you that what may seem to be black or white in your existing world, can, with just a shift in perspective, be colourful, magnificent and multidimensional. Rhein and Attard unpredictably challenge the norms of society and raise the level of consciousness of what might actually be our realities. The first section of this interesting and thought-provoking book provides a new lens through which to see life and follows with a practical guide for making the essential changes in habits and beliefs to live an extraordinary, fulfilled and values-based life.

Who Will Benefit from Be Different Be You?

Be Different Be You is a critical tool for anyone interested in throwing away societal rules and living life on their own terms. Written especially for women and men between the ages of 35 and 55, Be Different Be You offers hope and encouragement to individuals who feel that they have been responsible human beings and "have given" in their homes and in their social and work lives and are stuck at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of their own priorities and their self-worth. Unglue, "de-teflon" and gain a panoramic view of life and its limitless possibilities by not only reading, but internalizing the teachings of Be Different Be You.

Author's Bio: 

Patrick Rhein, EQC, CAC, ORSC
Business & Success Coach / Facilitator / Keynote Speaker

Born in Switzerland and a world traveller throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Canada, Patrick Rhein brings a profound understanding of the myriad belief systems that exist across the globe. Having worked in eight countries on four continents, Rhein’s broad range of experience includes over 25 years in human resources, corporate training, sales and marketing, management consulting and career counselling. Currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Rhein is a highly-respected mentor and facilitator in EQ (Emotional Intelligence), an executive coach/trainer and a specialist in the study of human relationships. Rhein continues to be fascinated by human nature and is passionately fulfilling his vision to bring peace to the world through authenticity, harmony and the expansion of human potential.