Many of the beliefs we have as adults were formed when we were children. Our parents’ views about money are hidden in our subconscious and makes up a large part of how we view the world and ourselves financially. This is more noticeable in parents who were brought up during wars, or depressions. Many still save and squander, and miss out enjoying money because their thoughts are always worried about these events happening again. We have all heard the saying: ‘Saving for a rainy day.’ Most of us are not aware of this until we dwell into our own self discovery, and childhood, and unlock these truths that have been implanted by our parents and this is the reason many adults live in poverty. Their lack, and the feeling of being victimized, is nearly always about money. Their parents talk more about lack than the joy of manifesting and spending. A lot of sayings listed below have been implanted in people since childhood:

Money is the source of all evil.
When you have money everyone wants it.
We have to keep it for tomorrow.
There’s not enough to go around
Saving for a rainy day
We had to go without things when we were young

Many children believe that if their parents told them it was true, it must be. ‘The world is in a recession.’ ‘This is like the great depression.’ ‘Soup kitchens are opening up everywhere.’ ‘People are loosing their homes, and are now homeless.’ Plus all the other images of the world financial markets collapsing and the speeches about the ‘bail outs’ and the ‘financial rescue plans.’ The world is feeding itself this collective way of thinking.

This is why it’s important to tell your kids positive information about this current world recession. They are our next generation of parents

More often people see money as having a ‘lack of it’ than having an abundance to enjoy and live the life they have dreamed of having. Life doesn’t stand still, nor will this so called ‘recession’ and fear of lack stop people from manifesting their dreams. The world is seeking balance and a more even distribution of wealth.

So if you want to play the struggle game, you will always be stuck in the state of struggle. The Age of Pisces was about the Warrior. The Age of Aquarius is the energy of the Adventurer, one who allows themselves to freely flow and enjoy their new state of discovery, the next chapter of their life will naturally unfold with excitement and adventure. So when you say things like: “Should I be worried?” “Should I cut back?” You are stuck in the state of being a victim, the Warrior. You go immediately back to that place of remembering being told about your history, or your parents’ stories of hardship and sacrifice. You harbor beliefs that belong to others. Life is not supposed to be hard and tedious.

Don't blame others.

Capitalism is the creative means of producing things, the downside is when it is at the expense of the nation, or environment or their employees, this is when the energy of money is counterproductive. This is why it’s important to always think of money as an equal exchange of energy.

When situations like this happen across the globe, it’s the ‘collective consciousness’ that puts it into action. It’s the masses saying: “Wake up world... we need a change. We need more balance and harmony. We need more honesty. This is why the veil has been lifted. This is why the restructuring of the world economy is important to all of us at this time.

If you want to tell your kids something, tell them, “There are people who prosper during hard times, and why not let that be us.” Don’t buy into the limitation that our world is in a ‘financial mess,’ and tell your kids it’s time to buckle up and go without. You are teaching limitation instead of manifesting. They now think there’s a lack of money and are silently saying goodbye to their dreams. You are setting up a pattern that they will repeat over and over again, generation after generation.

The easiest way to manifest money is to integrate your spirit into matter. Strive for excellency and work with enthusiasm. Put your heart and love into everything that you do and you will automatically be putting millions of dollars into your bank of Well Being. You will become that magnet of attraction that will naturally bring into your life your dreams and desires. It always comes back to being happy with who and where you currently are in ‘your’ world. Not the world of others. This is why you must go back to being singular. Save yourself not the masses. You can only vibrate your energy and attract the same good fortune to you, not your neighbors, or your children.

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Author and Inspiration Speaker. I love working with parents and their children to raise the vibrational energy within the family.

'SPIRIT BOY- an earth spy' is an uplifting novel for young readers, parents and teachers. It revolves around the Law of Attraction principles so kids see how their dramas effect their energy.

"Is Your Family Vibrating on the Right Frequency to Manifest Money?" is a manual for parents who want to understand the Law of Attraction and how their moods, and their children's moods often stop them from manifesting money. Every thing from Teen Sex, to Drugs Use, Lying and cheating, Screaming at your kids, Your Fears become their Fears.

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