From an article by Andrew Bauman (cancer survivor), editor of "The Positive Press" Newspaper in Moosic PA.

Number of Cancer Deaths Still on the Rise?

We all either know someone who has died from or dealt with cancer, or has a person in their life who has an experienced it. As promised, I have been continuing my investigation into cancer cases, deaths, and treatments. According to the American Cancer Society, there were 77,500 new cases reported in Pennsylvania alone in 1996; 77,400 new cases reported in 1997; and 68,800 new cases reported in 1998. Yes, the publication for 1998 is already printed as of November 12, 1998! Those numbers actually show a decrease in reported new cases of cancer. The National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Health reports that according to the American Cancer Society--in 1996 there were 554,740 deaths from cancer; in 1997 there were 560,000 deaths; and in 1998 there were 564,800 deaths in the United States from cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) advised me that the American Cancer Society figures are projections. In my last article I mentioned that the National Cancer Institute informed me that it is not "mandatory" for hospitals, clinics, nor physicians to report cancer statistics. There are however several organizations seeking to compile numbers such as The American College of Surgeons and "individual cancer centers" with their efforts to form a "consortium" to form a data base.

In light of the numbers reported above, considering that only participants in "trials or studies" are reported in the numbers, then how many more new cases are actually occurring? I can't help but wonder if the "projected numbers" are only the tip of the iceberg that could sink the ship. With enormous fund raising efforts ongoing, are we accurately reporting data as to occurrence, cures, and deaths? Neither the American Cancer Society, nor the NCI can give me figures on the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation in treating cases, yet physicians constantly recommend surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as primary and "adjunctive" or subsequent therapies to their patients (including my past case). Is this based on projected numbers taken from reported cases in trials and studies only? There are no numbers collected on people like me or Dr. Lorraine Day and countless others who experience healing from cancers using alternative therapies. Dr. Day avoided breast surgery and chemotherapy and opted instead for The "water cure" including salt and dietary changes. Information on alternative choices is available if you call (570) 457-3630 or look at

The American College of Surgeons, in seeking to form it's data base, will include only those patients electing to use surgery as a primary cure with follow up on those patients electing to use adjunctive or chemo, radiation, or combination therapies. The National Cancer Institute was only able to send me the American Cancer Societies 1996 edition of "Cancer Facts and Figures" and the American Cancer Society is sending me the 1997 and 1998 editions. I don't know why the NCI did not send the 97 and 98 editions or if they received them from the American Cancer Society. Next time I'll report on some of 1997 and 1998 numbers.

In my opinion, there doesn't seem to be a cohesive effort in our country to compile accurate numbers instead of projections. With cancer being the second largest cause of death in America, I want to know accurate numbers when I consider my options. I'd like to know the numbers of new cases, treatment options, and cure rates - including alternative treatments, and occurrence of death. In the mid 1970's, then President Nixon launched a campaign to eliminate cancer or to at least make an effort to cure the disease. Is the money raised well spent, or can we ever raise enough money to adequately research and report the vital information needed so that people can make informed decisions? Is Alternative therapy as effective as those of us who have experienced it claim it is? Why is it ignored by the traditional medical establishment and often referred to as "voodoo medicine"?

With around 1.5 million new cases reported each year, God only knows how many cases are not reported, I want some answers. I am fortunate and blessed that water, salt, and alternative treatments along with faith and a positive attitude have healed me. What about you?

Are you willing to call or write someone--anyone, to ask vital questions about where our money is being spent? Is the pharmaceutical industry that powerful, that Americans follow like sheep without seeking more information? Are the numbers reported as to influence our decisions?

This is the "Positive Press" and I intend to make a difference. Are you willing to make an attempt to bring about change in what may eventually touch you or someone you love? Please don't wait until it may be too late. Let me know your thoughts, please. Call The N. E. Metro-The Positive Press at 457-3630 or E-mail me at

This article is dedicated to 3 of my grandparents, my aunt, several great aunts and uncles all of whom have succumbed to cancer in my lifetime. My investigation continues!


Letter to Dr. Batmanghelidj and Bob Butts about my healing with water cure from "incurable" cancer. (2001-2001)

From: Andrew J. Bauman IV

732 Prescott Ave

Scranton, PA 18510

Tel 570-341-2280 Fax 341-0378

To: Bob Butts

Cee-Kay Auto

4949 Birney Ave.

Moosic, PA. 18507

My name is Andrew and I'm going to be 42 years young this October - 1998. In 1995. I was urged to "get my affairs in order" and to "pull out all the stops" by a Hematologist/Oncologist. Cutaenous B-Cell Lymphoma was the diagnosis. Number 15 in a list of medical challenges" including diabetes, hypertension, neuropathy, retinopathy, candida albicans (yeast), chronic fatigue, obesity, arthritis, bursitis, to name a few. I used to ask, "Why me?" Today I know all of that led to many new doors opening in my life. At age 35. 1 looked as if I were in my forties whereas now I appear to be in my thirties and in better condition than when I was in my twenties. It probably sounds like a fairytale!

I have written a "tale" (not yet published) inspired by my life's journey. Now I'm working on the biographical portion of that novel which tells the story of my journey and the lessons learned. I dream now of sharing my blessings, with as many people as possible and as I venture there, my blessings seem to multiply.

Today I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and continue my study of these wise ancient forms of balancing and healing. Experience is a good teacher. Lao Tzu, author of the way of the Tao, Oriental spiritual philosophy so aptly teaches: "Surrender yourself humbly. Then you can be trusted to care for all things. Love the world as your own self, then you can truly care for all things." What does all this have to do with water? The earth is made of mostly water as are our bodies. Water is the "universal solvent". Water is central to nature, and to the function and balance of our bodies, minds and spirits. So when we are out of balance, the person responds almost as a raisin responds to the sun in it’s transformation from a grape. Insufficient water in our "salt water" beings, shrivels up our cells and a process of literal meltdown begins to occur. When properly hydrated our cells are better capable of metabolizing properly and our ability to heal ourselves as our creator intended kicks in. The "machine" runs better when well oiled and water is our machines' oil as well as serving many other functions.

The last five years of my life have been what many call "The School of Hard Knocks." I'm thankful that I was able to learn from that school as it has brought me to a place where I feel, look, and live a healthier, happier life. I drink water throughout the day and evening (my daily goal is one gallon-varies by health and body weight and yes, it goes through me! That’s the idea. My kidneys are filters for my body. Chinese Medicine recognizes the kidney meridian as the basic meridian or energy channel of life support and the kidney and bladder meridians and organs are considered "water element meridians".

Chinese Medicine is based on a "five element theory" and those elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Our bodies have two energy channels (Yin and Yang pairs within each element) representing organ systems in each of those five elements of nature. Optimally, these all work in balance and in synchronized harmony. We opt not to short circuit our energy systems ( like our nervous system) by lack of water. The basic conductor of electrical energy in our nervous system is water and salt). Dehydration creates imbalance which leads to disease, disorder and illness. Basic health is determined by what goes into and comes out of our bodies. How and what we think and believe determines how we manage this system and our spirit or Qi (pronounced Chi) or source energies, is the driving force of life. If one is de-hydrated our energy is low, whereas proper hydration allows enhanced body functions and more energy is generated. Toxins are released as water cleanses and filters our body and it's fluids. A car battery doesn't work properly if the water level inside Is low. Once we begin to "drain or wear down" our machine, it can begin to experience difficulties which progress in a chain reaction. That's what I realized in the early fall of 1995. The culmination of years of dehydration.

For about 10 years, I had a red raised lumpy area or lesion on the left flank area of my lower left back (love handles). Several biopsies over the years showed the lesion to be benign, until September of 1995. The area became somewhat inflamed and irritated as well as itchy. My family doctor removed the lesion and sent it for examination (biopsy). When it came back positive for "cutaneous B-cell lymphoma," my physician referred me to the major medical center of which his office is an affiliate (Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA). The cancer was a rare form of lymphatic cancer on my body surface. There weren't even many statistics with the American Cancer Society about this form of the disease. (see above editorial article I wrote). For years doctors had been telling me that all the conditions I had were "chronic" and I could try to maintain a "comfortable level" at best, but I ended up on Social Security Disability. The chief of Oncology and Hematology at this major hospital sent me for a "Gallium Scan" which involved the IV injection of radio active isotopes and then scanning my body. The idea was that all cancer cells would accept the gallium and glow under the scan. By now, 26 new tumors began appearing on the flank of my back covering an area the size of a 6 or 8 inch plate. The scan revealed that I was glowing like a glow-worm from head to toe over the entire surface of my body including between my fingers and toes. The specialist recommended surface area radiation over the area of tumors on my left flank, and either waiting for other tumors to appear (as they historically do with this form of cancer over the rest of my body then radiating them. The other option was to send me to Hahnemann Medical Center of Drexel University in Philadelphia , PA where they could radiate my entire body surface at once to attempt to kill this cancer. After a short course of local radiation that gave me third degree burns on the flank of my back, I opted to avoid the total body surface radiation. ( I had to begin natural cleansing of radiation poisoning)

I was told that this cancer was very rare and that there weren't many case histories to set a specific protocol by. There could be no way of telling if and when subsequent tumors would appear nor how long this would affect my life. I was told then that I could not be given a prognosis on my chance of survival nor how long I could survive. My Oncologist/Hematoligist was somewhat open to new things. Thank God! I was advised to "get my affairs in order" so that I "covered all the bases". My only other choice was to "pull out all the stops" and try anything and everything I wished to try. I say thank God for the "missing prognosis", because I firmly believe in the power of positive thinking. My chances of survival would be less if I believed it to be so. I was already seeing another physician (Naturopath) who believed in more natural forms of healing. I decided to pull out all the stops. I began getting my affairs in order and preparing for a fight.

We treated my burns with salve and planned on stimulating my immune system with some Alternative treatments. I was on supplements (around 45 pills per day) and added more such as melatonin, Shitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushroom supplements and Kambusha Mushroom Tea. My Naturopathic physician reminded me of the importance of drinking enough water and we began the treatments. They Involved Natural forms of intravenous therapy. See Dr. William Cambell Douglass-"Into the Light" about the success of blood cleansing with Ultra-Violet Blue irradiation and oxygenation)

In the mean time, I needed tires for my car to be able to travel for my appointments to the many doctors I was seeing. Don't forget, I was challenged by diabetes and 13 other illnesses besides the cancer. The parts man at the counter at "Cee-Kay Auto" In Moosic, PA, began conversing with me and invited me upstairs to meet the owner of the business (Bob BUtts). He told me about the "Water Cure". Was it just a coincidence that I was hearing about the importance of water and hydration once again? My college days and Biology courses were also now flashing again in my mind. My doctor stressed the importance of water. Now I believe that there are no coincidences and that all things happen far a reason in God's plan. This was happening around October and November of 1995.

I began my treatments, started trying to drink a gallon of clean, pure, filtered water a day, changed my diet to a more whole grain with fresh fruits and vegetables regime, took my supplements and literally surrendered my fate into God's hands. I threw away my sodium table salt and switched to full mineral unprocessed sea salt. Well, I guess He planned on my writing this. In March of 96, I was feeling somewhat better and the specialist at the major hospital scheduled another Gallium scan. When I was in his office waiting for the results, he entered shaking his head. I could feel my pulse racing. He told me that either the machines malfunctioned now or in my initial scan, because it seemed odd that I was glowing positive for cancer from head to toe only six months prior to this scan and now there wasn't one cell positive for cancer in my entire body! Those tears welling up in my eyes were joyful as I thought of my children and loved ones at home and my zeal to go to them with the news. The doctor and I talked about what my "Naturopath" and I had done, and agreed about the importance of water and salt. He said it was possible that I was very fortunate in finding the right combination that healed me. (All I did was strengthen my immune system instead of destroying it with chemo and radiation.)

How wonderful that all these years of "suffering," as our society calls it, were really revealing lessons learned ("miracles" or "shifts in my perceptions") -those proverbial "silver linings in every dark cloud". Yes. I am (reference to the Deity I AM within my spirit intended) still overcoming some challenges with my health, yet now I am winning! By drinking more water, changing some perceptions, making dietary changes, supplementation and adding "Alternative Medicine" to the mix, I live a more balanced life and continue learning more each moment of each beautiful day, one at a time. People in hospitals recover when fluids - "intravenous salt water"- restore the natural balance so medicines and body treatments can begin the process of regeneration. My personal re-generation is in it’s 6th year.

I look forward to continued health and healing, and continuing the education process. Inside, I realize my goals and proceed to attain them. Andrew Carnegie once said. "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, man can achieve." I agree. What would be the purpose of trying, if one didn't believe one could do it'? Water plays an important role in my healthy thinking and living a balanced prosperous life. With strong faith and resolve and a good education (can't knock the School of Hard Knocks), I know there is nothing I can't do. Instead of asking "Why me?" I can say, "Thank you God for choosing me". I believe that every dark cloud has a silver lining if I'm willing to seek that silver lining. Funny thing, aren't clouds made of' water?

Update-June 16, 2005 (ten years later)

Today I am in New York City (since 9/3/01), 9 years clean from all Cancer. I am still under the care of 8 specialists for my various conditions. I continue to improve with all the chronic conditions I developed over 30 years of de-hydration. At least now I see the light. The specialists I see all remain amazed at my story and promise to refer patients to me as I begin my practice (Integrated Medicine). June 3, 2005, I graduated from Acupuncture College and September 05 will begin a Chinese Herbal program for Internal Medicine, working towards my eventual Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental (herbal) Medicine. After studying Asian Bodywork techniques and "Chinese" as well as "Bio" Medicines, I remain convinced of proper hydration with water and sea salt's role in facilitating healing as a basis for using other modalities successfully. May God Bless Dr. Batmanghelidj' spirit and his family for the tireless efforts of reconnecting us with Hippocrates roots in Modern Medicine. May God Bless Bob and Connie for their help and friendship and support in my journey, as well as for bringing "Dr. B" into my life. Thank you to the many good souls including all of the teachers who have blessed me. Finally, thank you God-You are my constant and abundant source of all there is that is good. I answer all e-mails and speak with people on the phone about this today. I would love to answer your questions and direct you toward sensible choices if you choose to.

Andrew Bauman (Drew)

Author's Bio: 

I am 48 years old studying Asian Medicine in New York City. I have been near death several times due to many chronic diseases, yet with so called, "alternative" medicine and faith plus a positive attitude-I survive.