I am often asked about the characteristics of successful people—the qualities, traits and habits that make them successful. Those who ask wonder (1) if there are indeed common habits or traits that can be linked to success, and (2) whether they could achieve some level of success by applying those qualities. The answer to both questions is “yes!”

The characteristics below are not all-inclusive. But they are all important, if not the most important, ingredients for success.

Here’s my list:

1.Dreams. Successful people are dreamers, and they dream big dreams. Their success starts with a vision that is too exciting to remain just a dream. Successful people must see their dream materialize, and they do whatever it takes to make that happen.

2.Enthusiasm. Successful people are extremely enthusiastic about what they do. In fact, this passion is what drives them to do what they do. And achievement toward their dream feeds the enthusiasm even more. Not only will passion drive you, but your enthusiasm will have a positive effect on others, as well.

3.Goals. Nothing happens until a goal is established. Without goals, people wander around aimlessly, wondering why they have not accomplished their desired results. Goals have been called “dreams with deadlines”, and having them helps successful people to stay on course in achieving their dreams.

4.Decide. In order to be successful, you must decide to do so. Almost all confusion is the result of indecision, from not deciding on a course of action. Successful people decide, recognizing that even to make a wrong decision is better than to make no decision at all. They adjust, then stay the course.

5.Action-orientation. How many great ideas have you had, but not acted upon. Then, two months later, you discover that someone else has “taken” your idea. It is better to act on a mediocre idea than to not act on a great one. Successful people know this, and act accordingly.

6.Definiteness of purpose. Successful people know what they want, and have a burning desire to possess it. They are laser-focused on the achievement of their goals.

7.Persistence. Everyone meets with adversity, hardship and opposition. Successful people use these setbacks as stepping stones, rather than stumbling blocks, to propel them forward. Recognize that defeat is temporary, and that persistence will overcome adversity.

8.Surrounded by winners. Successful people surround themselves with other successful people. Other “winners” can serve as a support group, or an idea group. They can challenge your thoughts, encourage you and provide useful feedback. And you can do the same for them. In addition to friends and colleagues, you can also utilize experts in your field by attending seminars, reading books and listening to tapes.

9.Faith. Those who are successful expect success, and believe that they will succeed. This confident faith in their abilities, and in their ideas, removes the limitations created by doubt and fear. When you believe, your mind will help you find ways to accomplish your goal.

10.Integrity. Many would argue that people can be, and have been, successful despite their lack of moral character. My response to this is that, while they may be successful in a particular area of their life, they are not “successful people”. Sooner or later, the person who lacks integrity will suffer for it. True success, in my opinion, cannot be achieved without it.

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