Wow, what a great feeling!

You woke up day after day, feeling this nagging sense of dissatisfaction. “Is this what my life has become? Trudging from point A to point B with life’s great exhilaration coming from a cup of java?”, you quietly asked yourself, day after day.

The days melted away into weeks, into months, into years. Years of overwhelm, stress and emptiness. Your life, it seemed, had fallen short of your hopes and dreams. Even though you pushed harder and harder and harder and life pushed back just as hard.

Then one day it happened – perhaps today. You could live with these feelings of mediocrity no more. “What have I got to lose?”, you asked yourself.

“Nothing. I want my life. I want to live my life and I’m going to live it on my terms.”

With a simple decision you shed the feelings, the black cloak of oppression that kept you miserable and dissatisfied for all of those years.

You let go.

You decided to allow yourself to live, trusting you could handle what came your way. You could; you always could. The rewards, you saw, far outweighed any potential downside.

You surrendered to the thrill of life, leaving behind the illusion of security offered by the job you hated, a routine you tired of years ago and the comfort of resistance.

Yes, the comfort of resistance.

The past resistance to looking bad or facing your fears became less painful than continuing to sell yourself short while living in a self-imposed box. Sure you wanted to blame ‘them’, but deep down you knew it had been your choice all along. You just hadn’t known how to set yourself free.

But this decision, this one simple but powerful decision to release the attachments that chained you in place, to let go, set you free.

Your life is now yours to do with as you please. To go where you want. To be who you want. To look how you want, to earn what you want and to do what you want.

Freedom. What else is there?

You and I are only as free and as able to create the life we want, as we are free to take action. And whether you take action, or not, is the result of how you feel. Feelings, and nothing else, determine the results we produce and the experience of life we encounter.

If you feel powerful, you will produce powerful results. And any feeling that has you in the space of feeling less than powerful can be let go of as easily as you can drop a pen from your hand – if you choose to simply let it go.

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