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A Man Got To Do What a Man Got To Do

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is a paragon example; anyone given the right opportunity in America can aspire to greatness:
Including the commander-in chief of these United States of America.

African American and all minorities should take pride in knowing you are a Worthwhile in more as than a Million by Simeon Johnson; corroborated by the following Testimonials:

Writers Digest
12th Annual International Self-Publishing Book Awards
Author: Simeon W. Johnson

Title: Youre a Worthwhile Person in More Ways than a Million

Category: Inspirational
Judges Critique and Commentary:
Good title, dramatic front cover: Good choice material for back cover
The writer has hit upon a very interesting concept and used it with good results. Quotations and sidebars have been used well. There is a nice variety of types of profiles.
This little book should have widespread distribution. It is a great reminder of those upon whom we depend. Counselors should definitely have copies.

Kristin D. Godsey, Editor/ Writers Digest

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your new book; Youre A Worthwhile Person in More Ways than a Million. I appreciate both your kind words about my speech in Brooklyn [CCC], and the fact that you took the time to generously send me a complimentary copy of your work.

It is clear from the subject matter of your book that you recognize the importance of identifying the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. In a way, that is part of our mission at the New York City Department of Education. We set high expectations for our students and our staff in an effort to cultivate greatness at every level in our system, so that ultimately, as your epigraph by John W. Gardner maintains, both our pipes and our theories will hold water.

Thank you again for the copy of your book and best of luck in the future."
~John I. Klein, Chancellor
The New York City Department of Education


Antoinette McGowan:Very well written. My husband who is a truck driver read this also and said that you did great job writing.

Implied Endorsement Speaks Volumes: Dear Mr. Johnson,

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Author's Bio: 

Prolific author Simeon W. Johnson is a successful entrepreneur
with a book and gift A former
radio and television electronics technician, Mr. Johnson
has worked as a welder, a shipbuilder, and a housing inspector.
He received a master’s certification in radio and TV electronics
from National Technical Schools, Los Angeles, CA. He also
earned his FCC First Class
General Radio and Telephone
License, with a specialization
in radar applications. Born in
Jamaica, West Indies, Simeon
is the youngest son of 13 children,
with nine brothers and
three sisters. Mr. Johnson
came to the United States in
1967 and is now a proud
U.S. citizen.
His books, which are sold on his website and on and, are: A Myopic Life
Resonated from the Brink of the Abyss; Romw vs. Ramb Reveals
God, Adam and Creation; and An Unforgettable Tribute to Our
Heroes and Victims of 9/11.