What does prosperity mean to you? Riches, happiness in life, success, family security…

There is no doubt that prosperity means different things to different persons, but I can guarantee that we're all trying to attain that state in our lives called prosperity.

So how do we attain it?

Many of us tend to live our lives in scarcity-mode. For instance, we know what we don't have; what we didn't do today at work; what chores our kids didn't complete today; how much money we don't have to pay our bills….

And the list goes on.

Because our thoughts and feelings are focused on and consumed by the lack in our lives, by the Law of Attraction more scarcity is attracted to us and the cycle never stops!

What is the "Law of Attraction"? Simply-stated: "what we think about we bring about" (You may learn more about this powerful law at the Resources page of the author's site listed below.)

My friends, we must break this cycle to begin to attract more of what we want into our lives.

How do we do this? By changing our thoughts about ourselves, our life, about everything we observe.

This process may take longer for some than for others, but once you begin to focus on the Good, you begin to attract more of the same i.e. More good things begin to happen in your life.

The five action steps I'm going to give you are powerful and you will soon begin to attract what you want. Here we go.

Elite focus: 5 ways to attract prosperity into your life.

1. Study the Law of Attraction. What you focus on will materialize. You will then realize the reason our lives are the way they are.

2. Be grateful for who exists or what happens in your life each and every day.

3. Praise yourself for the (good) things you've done today.

4. Spend 10-15 minutes each day alone, just being yourself. Focus on what having a prosperous life would mean to you.

5. Become a student of life. This will help you achieve personal growth. Never stop learning.

Take your time with this process. Very soon amazing things will follow. You will most certainly begin to attract more and more good things into your life… and prosperity will quickly follow!

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