While reading an article about financial planning, it struck me that money management and time management have a lot in common. Here are some of the ways we can apply money sense to time management.

Pay yourself first
Too often we tend to put our own health and well being last and treat essential acts of self-care such as sleep, exercise, and nutrition as interruptions in our busy schedules. Taking the time to care for yourself will positively impact all aspects of your life.

Have a plan
A good financial plan is designed with a clear outcome in mind, is simple to follow, and doesn't leave you feeling deprived. The same applies to your time management strategy.

Invest it
Ask how you can best use your time today to reap the rewards you want tomorrow. Diversify your time portfolio with investments in your personal relationships, skills, future, and well-being.

Save it
Okay, so you can't physically save time, but the way you spend it now determines how much you have "left over" at the end of the day or week. Be frugal with your time and energy and save it for when it really counts.

Give it away
Feeling time poor? Give some away! Just as giving money away boosts your sense of abundance, giving your time - whether formally as a mentor or volunteer, or informally by reading a child an extra story or listening to a friend - can be a great remedy to time poverty.

Be careful with debt
Like living on the brink of your credit limit, constantly running behind is stressful and self-defeating. If you feel that you are getting snowed under, it is time for a debt elimination plan. Revisit your priorities and come up with a plan to get on track with the important stuff.

Time is a precious resource that seems to get scarcer as we try to cram even more into our schedules. By applying these simple financial strategies to your time, you can begin to experience more peace of mind and the abundance of genuine free time.

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A reformed chaos queen and personal coach, Lisa Baldwin specialises in helping the stressed, overwhelmed, and disorganized to manage their time and space and clear the clutter that holds them back. You can subscribe to her monthly newsletter or the weekly Clutter Free 2003 challenge for free by visiting her site - www.beyondchaos.co.nz