Can you achieve balance between your work life and personal life and still feel good? Is it really possible to have it all, be successful and still maintain your sanity? Maybe balance is only an unattainable myth, that’s forever out of your reach.

Balance: What’s It All About?
You’re in balance when you feel good about you and your relationships which include your work-related ones. You also have a sense of purpose and direction and have an idea of where you’re headed in the future.

Work and life are not in opposition. Instead, they support you with a feeling of enthusiasm and satisfaction. You have the energy you need to accomplish what you want without feeling depleted or burned out. You prioritize what’s important, take into account your needs and make time for you and the people that you value.

Priorities Keep You On Track:
You’re the only person who decides what’s valuable to you. Identify what’s really important and decide if you must alter your schedule to make room for it. Wishful thinking is just that and won’t get you ahead. What really matters is what you spend your time and mind on.

If it’s important for you to spend time with your family as well as workout at your local gym, create time for them. Don’t ignore these facets of your life or you’ll feel compromised. Attend to what matters most to you and make life and work adjustments to create the lifestyle that you need. Depriving yourself of one love to include another is not a practical resolution. It’s one that you may always regret.

At the end of the work day, do you feel good about yourself and about your contribution, no matter how large or small it is? If you’re burned out or unsatisfied at work, your relationships and family life can bolster you and act as a buffer. However, sometimes you may need to take more drastic action and find a better match between you and your business. Before you do, evaluate and take enough time to decide.

Let Yourself Go!
Are you stressed out? If you have too much stress, it can assault your body and emotions. Figure out some way to manage the stress. You may not be able to rid yourself of it. Stress can be a constant in this economy and fast-paced environment. However, you do have options and strategies to keep it under control. Change your attitude to it and become more resilient to obstacles and conflicts that surface. When you do, your stress will decrease and become more manageable.

Only take on responsibilities that you can handle. Unfortunately, we overload ourselves and than feel like we’re constantly backpedaling because we can’t keep up with it all. That’s counterproductive and dramatically increases your stress levels. Make commitments that you’re confident you’ll successfully follow through with to maintain your sanity and your balance.

A New You:
It’s so important to make time to renew yourself. If you can, take a mental health day, hour or even a brief lunch to regain the energy and inspiration you may have lost due to stress. Remember that time off is not just good for your health, it can stimulate your creativity and do wonders for your outlook and attitude.

You don’t need tons of off-time; just enough to get you back on track. Smell the roses as a healthy alternative to smell the car fumes discharged from the car ahead of yours in commuter traffic.

Immerse yourself for a day, or just an hour in activities that calm and ease your mind. Some of my coaching clients find that walking in nature, listening to music or engaging in physical activity help them to re-balance. Do what you need to do to regain that sense of balance and fit it into your tight schedule. Your mind, body and family will thank you!

Nurture Your Relationships:
Whatever you do to maintain balance, keep in mind that enriching relationships on and off the job are key to feeling good. They can help you handle the stresses in your life and job more easily. Make time for the important people that matter to you. Choose friends who appreciate you and share your values. The supportive social network that you build can boost your confidence while combating the stress. Remember that your most valued relationship is with you. Whatever you do, don't ignore it – capitalize on it.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jo Anne White is an international author, speaker, certified business, life and leadership coach and energy intuitive. Known to global audiences as the "Success Doc", Doc White has inspired and motivated people and their companies to success and achievement.