Have you ever felt like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Does it seem normal to accept responsibilities, errands, and favors to the degree that you've become slaves to our lives?

Consider lightening your load; allowing yourself to be still or take a walk; or let things go for a few hours or a full day if you can swing it. Your quality of life will improve a great deal when you take time to live in the present moment.

I work with a woman who hasn’t learned to take time for herself. On Monday mornings when I ask her about how she spent the weekend, she usually says something like, “ Well, I didn’t have much time to myself because I worked in the yard, or I cleaned the house, or I took care of my neighbor." Keeping a nice home and being a good neighbor are admirable qualities but, what about taking some time to enjoy being alive?

If you are like my friend and feel like you don’t have any extra time, I recommend taking an inventory of what you are doing with your time.

Life Management Tips:

Live for today and plan for tomorrow

Constant worry about what’s around the corner is a waste of energy and can cause stress, anxiety attacks, even insomnia. I have found that if I just take time to prepare for the next day my stress levels balance out and I can sleep better at night. For example, If you are always hurried in the morning, consider planning ahead. Get organized before you go to sleep at night. Figure out what you are going to wear, pack your gym clothes, make lunches, get as much taken care of as you can and watch your mornings improve.

It’s always a list

Many people suffer from what I call “piling on syndrome” Basically this translates to thinking too much about all, and I mean all of the things we need to do. If you find yourself 'piling on', get a pen and some paper, or your computer, and start making a list. Accomplishing your 'To Do' list will help you get through each day, Then you can prioritize each task and congratulate yourself by marking off each item you complete.

Schedule personal time

Making time for yourself is as easy as scheduling appointments on your calendar. If you are concerned about taking time away from your family, schedule time on your lunch hour or first thing in the morning. I have found that if I take time a few days a week just for me I am a healthier wife, mother and friend.

Buy a chalkboard or large calendar and put it in a visible place

Building a schedule on your computer or calendar will be perfect if you are single. If you are a part of a family, I suggest buying a big chalkboard or large calendar to hang in a gathering place, In our house it’s the kitchen. This way everybody knows what’s going on each day, this will take some of the pressure off when you have so much on your plate. In our house my daughter illustrates the calendar, and my husband and I can rely on the list to know what we face each week.

You have permission to say NO

Saying no is acceptable. So many of us are over committed and under satisfied. This can (and probably will) lead to a feeling of being under appreciated. When you give, and give and realize you don’t have time for yourself, things can get dicey. Learning to say no is healthy and ok.

So lighten up! Take an inventory of your time, discover that you can make more time to enjoy your life, and stop worrying about all you have to do. You can be a few steps away from creating a more balanced life and releasing some of the weight of your world. After all, your life is not a dress rehearsal!

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