Balance and Success.

It today's world it seems like the two words are mutually exclusive. How can we have success in society's terms and still find balance in our lives? Is it even possible?
I have great news for you, the answer is yes!

How do I know this? Because as a success coach and trainer I work with people every day who are having this exact same challenge, and they are able to find a workable solution after learning and applying the tools that they learn either in our coaching together, or at one of my seminars.

When I first began to study success I looked to see what was the common denominator in people who were living successful lives, yet still seemed to have the time to do the things that brought them joy, like surfing, hanging at the beach, and spending quality time with their families. In my research I discovered that almost every one of them attributed this life balance that they had found to one thing. This one thing, this success secret, is the key to living both a successful and a balanced life, and it is found in this simple word: systems.

Why systems? We just have to look to nature for the answer to that question. Unlike the human world and the urban landscapes of city and town that we humans have created, when we stand back and take a macro-view of the world, we see that nature is the ultimate system, one that has been perfected over countless millennium, and that nature is continually refining the systems to make sure that life stays balanced.

Although human beings in general tend more to disrupt the systems in nature with our activities, there have been those throughout time who have recognized and learned from nature and adapted the systems they found there to their own purpose. The founders of the various martial arts schools understood this concept, and they looked to nature to develop their martial arts systems, which I think would be safe to say have certainly withstood the test of time and proven to be very effective.
One needs only to look at the most well known symbol connected to martial arts and all things Asian, the yin-yang symbol, to see that they fully understood that balance was key to any successful system, and to succeed in anything one must have balance. If you have ever taken any martial arts training, you will know that there is a strong self-discipline element and one must have, or develop, this trait in order to be successful.
Succeeding in business or life in general is no different.

One must have or develop the self-discipline to create and implement systems, and then success will come, and it will come with such smoothness and ease that it will almost seem effortless. Like watching an ancient Tai-Chi master practicing in the early morning dawn, their moves so slow and graceful like a beautiful dance in slow motion, yet at the same time those moves are highly effective in combat when sped up, your business and or/life will flow with the same gentle yet powerful and effective movement, and you will have achieved that place of perfect stillness that exists right in the middle of success and balance.
Vincent j Kellsey is the CEO and Founder of Quantum Success Group-inspiring people to access and live in passion, power and purpose!
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Vincent j Kellsey spent 10 years travelling the world in search of the secrets to success.

He has worked and trained with many masters of success from both the spiritual and business worlds, and now shares what he learned with people from around the globe.

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