(This is Part 2 of a series of articles by the author on Finding and Following Your Life Purpose and Passion).

So, What is Life Purpose? Why is it So Important?

It's feeling that there's real meaning to your Life and a reason for what you do. It's having clear direction and a driving force flowing, even bursting out from you, leaving you in no doubt about your value and how best you contribute. When it just flows effortlessly, or even rushes out, that's a clear sign, and then you'll just know …

It gives you a foundation for knowing your reason for 'being' rather than just what you're 'doing'. The difference between Human 'Being' and Human 'Doing'. You'll know and feel that your internal compass is directing you, coming from a higher consciousness source.

It's the difference between your answer to the question – Who Are You? - as opposed to - What do you do (for a living)?

How Do You Determine Your Life Purpose?

Discovering your Life Purpose is part of your own individual journey.

How do you know? How do you get clear? It's a very individual path. Some of you will just know and some of you will need to go through a process to find your way to get clear.

Here are some steps you can take -

1. Consider What is 'Uniquely' You and what You Offer

Find a quiet place for yourself where you can reflect peacefully without distractions or interruptions. Put yourself in a relaxed state. Do some deep breathing to relax yourself and fix your eye on an object or spot in a trance-like fashion, or close your eyes if you wish. You may like to use meditation if you're comfortable with this.

Place yourself in a state of mind focused on your purpose – one in which you feel inspired, directed, significant, with a vision and 'purposeful' - and focus on asking what your purpose might be.

Ask yourself – What are my gifts? What are my talents? What do I do easily and naturally? What do people feedback to me that I'm really good at doing? What do I find meaningful? What do I think I'm here to do? What is my purpose? Listen to the answers that come up from within you.

2. Consider Further - How Do You Help Others?

When you help others, how do you do it? What effect does it have on others? Do you help others discover their own truth?

3. Write Down Your Life Purpose

Set aside time to write down a clearly crafted Life Purpose statement for yourself – one that resonates and has meaning for you. Put it before you in a place(s) where you'll see it often.

The 'Power' of a Clearly Defined Life Purpose -

As Dr Wayne Dyer says - When you shift into a 'purposeful' state of mind, then all you need in the way of personality characteristics will naturally surface.

What this means is that when you're doing what you love and living on purpose, giving of yourself in a joyful way, your personality will reflect that bliss and all it involves.

This will not require struggle or detailed written goals and action plans. You will not require intelligence, skills or confidence from outside of yourself because you'll find these qualities already exist within you.

Your ability to manifest the necessary talent, intellect and mobilize changes in yourself to fulfill your purpose will already be intact.

Knowing Your Purpose Helps You Live With Integrity and In Alignment With Your Life Purpose

For instance, I know my Life Purpose is Life Enhancement - to teach and guide people how to improve their lives, from my own learning experiences, by example.

How did I arrive at my purpose? By learning unconditional Self Love first, being true to myself, discovering my authenticity, and my unique way to achieving a self-determining life doing my own thing, finding and following my own passion.

I had to learn these things first before teaching others. If I'm to show other people to be truthful with themselves, I had to be truthful with myself.

Learn Self Love first and everything will take care of itself ...

When you're inspired by a greater Life Purpose things just start to fall into place for you in your life. Knowing your Life Purpose on a 'big picture' level really helps you know how you relate to your life as a whole. Life Purpose serves as a focus around which to arrange, orient and direct your life.

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