I don’t know about you, but I am really, no REALLY tired of hearing about/writing about the Bailout. Does it affect me? Yes. Can I do anything about it? No.

So what can I do to positively affect my Personal Prosperity? (You know me, I’m all about being practical and by this point you’re probably used to my Feng Shui and Physics approach to Finance!) So here goes another wild analogy!

Perhaps Charles Darwin’s greatest discovery was that our Earth is actually eons old instead of only a few thousand years old. What does this matter, you might ask. It was all about observing that small changes applied over immense periods of time (such as the ocean’s tides creating islands grain by grain of sand!) have created the Earth. Now, I know we’re talking billions of years in this case, but if you’ve been on board with one of my teleseminars you know that one of the five important ways of thinking of money is “One $$ at a Time” – getting rid of the “I want it all and I want it now” way of thinking that causes us to act rashly and spend unwisely.

Patience, people! Yes, the world economy is a mess, but honestly, we should have seen that coming. There exists a lot of greed in the world, created by that “I want it all and I want it now” thinking and by some folks who have gotten so wrapped up in the “glitter” of moving in the circles of the world’s rich – yachts, planes, multiple mansions, etc. Good grief! They’ve lost their way, if they ever had it to begin with, and that’s very sad.

It also makes me angry. Because on their way to “the top”, they took advantage of those of us who are simply trying to fulfill our “capital P” Purpose in life, which in my opinion is the highest enlightened self we can inspire to be.

Okay, so I’m a Money Coach, a Prosperity Pro. What does this have to do with how we “average folk” survive this chaos financially?

I see the global economic crisis in the world today as a necessary adjustment – of national economies, of individual money choices, of how we view money and its purpose, of how we manage our own monetary lives and the reasons behind what we do. Every act we perform, every thought we think, every dollar we spend is casting a vote for the kind of world we want. That’s pretty profound on a micro level. But the energy of what each one of does and thinks goes out into the “cosmos”, the Universe if you will, and affects every single other person on the planet. Collectively, we’ve screwed that up, quite frankly. So now we’re having to re-adjust, collectively.

It’s time to “Put your money where your Purpose is”™!! Doing so will create the harmony, grace and giving attitude we should be striving for instead of the chaos we’ve created. I can sit here and be angry all I want about the greedy billionaires who have taken advantage of average investors and home owners, but have I personally done such a great job at putting my money where my Purpose is? Better than many, I think, but I can do better.

My belief is that we were meant to be prosperous! Does that mean we were meant to have so much wealth that we could squander it, waste it, on frivolous pursuits and material belongings? No! But especially for those of us in the U.S. and a few other nations, we’ve been given access to, the ability to, create wealth. What have we done with it? Yikes! We were stewards of more wealth than the world has ever before seen.

So here we are, having collectively squandered the wealth we’ve been given with our greed and failed at our job to be stewards of the world’s wealth that could have helped so many. Now, You and I have not done this specifically, necessarily, but it does put today’s economic crisis in a different sort of perspective, doesn’t it?

Back to Basics! Take care of your own house first. Make sure you know where you are financially, that you spend each dollar in pursuit of your own comfort and joy (which I believe we were meant to have), and spend your “excess” dollars on helping others to achieve the same. It may be $1 or $20 or $10,000. The absolute amount is not important. The important thing is that we recognize that we are stewards of this wealth we’ve been given and that we share the positive energy created by letting it flow through us to others.

Simple, really. Start today.

Author's Bio: 

Melinda Day-Harper is an entrepreneur, CPA, award-winning speaker, best-selling author, Money Coach and Prosperity Pro. She has 25+ years experience in corporate management, holding positions of CFO and CEO of several multi-million dollars companies. Visit her website at TZoneConsulting.com for more information on her innovative motivational speaking, prosperity teleseminars and workshops.