I recently stumbled upon something most peculiar.

I guess you'd call it a memory phenomenon. It appears that the Sydney suburb of Annandale is home to a mysterious, elite group of people possessing super memory powers.

You see each morning these memory maestros gather in the local park to socialise, walk their four-legged friends and quietly demonstrate their amazing powers of recall to passers-by.

Which is where I came upon the group - quite by chance - whilst out walking our labradoodle puppy, Mambo.

At first I didn't really notice it.

But after numerous early morning visits to the park I was struck by the fact that everyone I met was able to recall Mambo's name, regardless of how briefly they had met the fluffy fella... or how long ago.

Not that impressive you may think, until you consider that this particular park is doggy heaven, a hang-out to literally hundreds of mutts.

Needless to say I was intrigued.

What was the secret to their amazing powers of recall?

Was there something special in the water in 2038? Or was there some strange confluence of magnetic forces deep below the ground conspiring to make Annandale the memory Mecca of Australia?

In an effort to uncover the truth, I quizzed several of them hoping to discover some great new method for remembering names.

Alas I was disappointed.

No memory secrets. No magical techniques.

Turns out that everyone I asked had just one thing in common... they loved dogs.

Yep, that simple.

They owed their incredible ability to remember names purely to being genuinely interested in the dogs that they met.

Sadly, my admiration for their memory skills was somewhat diminished upon subsequent visits to the park when they all still remembered Mambo… but not one of them could remember my name.

A great way to discover that your dog is more interesting than you are.

The Final Word: If you'd like to improve your memory the message is clear – get yourself a dog. Or failing that just be genuinely interested in the things - and people - you'd like to remember.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Lyons, Gloo The Memory Company.

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