If you have consistent back pain, then getting the structural alignment checked by a chiropractic physician would be the first thing to do. The initial evaluation would likely include x-rays to see if there is any degeneration or other concerns with the bones and joints of the spine.

Next, back pain, especially in the morning when arising that slowly reduces as the day progresses is often due to stress on the kidneys. That can be from a simple lack of water or it can be that digestion is incomplete which produces toxins that stress the kidneys (blood filters). Toxins that can not be eliminated will be deposited in the joints, often in the joints lower back causing pain, inflammation and stiffness upon awakening or when standing up after sitting for a while.

If it sounds like you may be dealing with these problems, here are some tips for you:

Drinking 70-90oz. of pure water daily is a great start. Reducing and eliminating tea, coffee and sodas is also an important step.

All systems are connected and when one is weakened, the others must take up the slack! Some tips for good digestion:

• do not drink too much before, during or shortly after meals.
• chew your food completely - this is of utmost importance.
• eat foods that are minimally processed such as lean meats, green leafy vegetables, raw nuts and seeds and complex carbohydrates such as squash, carrots and other root veggies.
• minimize fruit, especially in the winter time. minimize dairy (hard cheese is ok), minimize breads and grains.
• drink plenty of fresh, purified water between meals.

Using an enzyme supplement such as Terra-Zyme can aid in digestion and reduce the stress on the kidneys and the joints.

The digestive portion of the Body Terrain Test can assess the level of balance and function in the intestinal tract and what lifestyle and/or supplements are needed to make improvements.

In health,

Dr. Brett Saks

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